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An Inexpensive Option for Memorial Day Weekend

You have a few hours over the Memorial Day weekend and you’re wondering where to go. Consider visiting local winery tasting rooms. Although some tasting rooms are in urban settings, many are in the countryside. Visiting them has the makings for a nice drive in the country.

Your experience in visiting a tasting room is totally different than visiting a wine store. At the wine store there are hundreds if not thousands of wines. They may have a tasting of a couple of those wines often in small plastic cups that are reminiscent of those used when you have lab work done at a doctor’s visit. However a trek to a winery tasting room is a different experience. You’ll get to sample several wines from the winery’s portfolio.

Tasting rooms may be crowded on the Memorial Day weekend. Use this opportunity to meet other people who may be wine enthusiasts. People are usually happy. We have never met anyone dragged into a tasting room exclaiming that they didn’t want to go in.

Whether your outing is a date or simply something to do, visiting tasting rooms can be an inexpensive alternative to other Memorial Day weekend activities. Some charge a tasting fee while others do not. If there is a wine that you like, consider purchasing a bottle and enjoy.

How should you behave when visiting a winery tasting room? Read the article, Tasting Room Etiquette. We discussed how to prepare yourselves to visit tasting rooms, what to expect and what to do and not to do while there. If you enjoy a visit to a winery tasting room, it may be a perfect activity to repeat throughout the year.

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