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Grape Creek Vineyards Offers Thanksgiving Wine Suggestions

Grape Creek Vineyards located in Fredericksburg, Texas sent out an excellent email that mentioned Thanksgiving dinner items and what wines could be paired. Menu items included “tart cranberries, very sweet, sweet potatoes, the ubiquitous creamy green bean casserole, gorgonzola-mashed potatoes and very rich turkey with dressing and gravy.”

So what would a winery suggest to have with such a variety of foods? Grape Creek Vineyards is suggesting for a white wine their 2009 Cuvee Blanc. For those who prefer a red wine Grape Creek suggests 2008 Bellissimo or 2008 Cabernet Trois. To find out more about these wines visit the Grape Creek Vineyards website.

It would help many people who are unsure of what wine to have with Thanksgiving dinner, if wineries would add suggestions to Twitter, Facebook or better yet right to their winery’s website. It’s not too late to tweet or post about the wines you would recommend for Thanksgiving.

Anyone who is buying wine for Thanksgiving should purchase a wine they like. If you’re not sure what your guests may like offer a red and white wine.

What wines is your winery suggesting for Thanksgiving?

Cheers, Kathy

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