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Chardonnay, Take It or Leave It

Tomorrow is Chardonnay Day. A day where thousands if not tens of thousands of tweets will be made worldwide about this noble grape. Some people seem to have a love/hate relationship with the grape, myself included. Seldom do I find myself wanting a Chardonnay. I frequently want a Cabernet Sauvignon, Sagrantino or Petite Sirah. For whites I will frequently want a Sauvignon Blanc, Orange Muscat or Riesling. But when it comes to Chardonnay I never seem to want it.

I’ve discovered that if I haven’t tasted a Chardonnay for several weeks to several months, I enjoy it more. On the reverse, if I’ve had several Chardonnays within a few weeks or over a couple months, I’ll tend to shy away from it. For me it doesn’t seem to matter whether the wine was fermented and aged in stainless steel or oak. My opinion is the same. When it comes to caramel or butter, I still have a take it or leave it attitude.

On a recent trip to Napa and Lake County wineries, I did discover some Chardonnays that had some noticeable tannins. Those I liked. For tomorrow, I have two or three Chardonnays from different parts of the country. I’ll then stay away from this grape for several months, other then tasting it at wineries visited.

Do you like Chardonnay/ How often do you like to drink a Chardonnay?


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