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Are We Wine Writers or Bloggers?

This session had attendee participation. Although the question, “Are we wine writers or wine bloggers?” had several answers there was no definitive answer. Many considered wine bloggers to also be writers. However there is the realization that not all writers are bloggers. Several attendees began to mention the differences between the two. For example, writers generally get paid while bloggers do not. Some noted that the writing style of a blog is different than a writing style for a newspaper or magazine article. However, it was also noted that the styles sometimes converge and travel writing can be very close to travel blogging in style. The a third distinction between writing and blogging is writers write whereas, bloggers also write, then edit, publish and market.

Our moderator posed the question should we change the name bloggers, noting the European Wine Bloggers Conference is using Wine Communicators Conference. Most of the attendees did not care for the communicators term citing it being too vague. There was also a sentiment that if it is not broken why fix it. The Wine Bloggers Conference continues to grow. The term bloggers has meaning and recognition. Changing to something else, at this point, is not warranted.

Other topics were touched upon during the attendee discussion. There was a call, from one blogger for accreditation for bloggers. This was met with strong feelings. Most were not in favor of any type of accreditation citing that the market will decide what bloggers to follow and who not to follow. There is also concern over what type of accreditation. Although I passed my Intermediate level WSET, my knowledge of wine is chiefly from making wine at a Maryland winery and a Virginia winery. At the time I took winemaking courses through Washington State University. Although those studies and experiences should allow for accreditation, another chunk of wine knowledge was derived from travel. It’s one thing to read about Gimblett Gravels in New Zealand, it’s another thing to stand in Gimblett Gravels and experience the soil, or lack thereof, and the vineyards.

My own answer to the question, “Are we writers or bloggers?’ is we are writers and bloggers. Writing is a part of the blogging experience, so is editing, publicizing and marketing.


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