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Neuroscience of Wine Tasting

I attended Tim Gaiser’s presentation on the Neuroscience of Wine Tasting. It was certainly interesting and an area that begs for further research. As an MS, Tim has helped students pass their MS test. He noticed that teaching people how to taste has its challenges often related to their own neurologies, memories and life experiences. […]

Are We Wine Writers or Bloggers?

This session had attendee participation. Although the question, “Are we wine writers or wine bloggers?” had several answers there was no definitive answer. Many considered wine bloggers to also be writers. However there is the realization that not all writers are bloggers. Several attendees began to mention the differences between the two. For example, writers […]

Keynote Addresses Come Up Short

The Wine Bloggers Conference is one of the few conferences we attend that have two keynote addresses. Some of the conferences we attend do not have keynote addresses. In my opinion, the keynote address should motivate attendees, and/or present them with ideas that they can pursue. Given that objective, WBC12 keynote addresses did not measure […]

WBC12 Red Wines

Just as yesterday with the white wines, my tweets during the red wine tasting were haikus. Writing haiku instead of traditional-type wine notes is interesting. Several speakers at the conference suggested to move away from the traditional descriptions for wine. Haikus are certainly different, perhaps more thought provoking and fit nicely in the alotted space […]

WBC12 Whites

In his keynote address at the 2012 Wine Bloggers Conference, Randall Grahm suggested a more philosophical approach to wine discussions. Writers could mention the magic the wine works on us. Randall asked if a wine could be powerful enough to move us to poetry. Poetry was an interesting choice of words. At last year’s Wine […]

Wine Bloggers Conference Off to a Fast Start

This year’s Wine Bloggers Conference in Portland, Oregon will showcase oregon wines. However, the hit of the morning session was the Argentine Food and Wine Paring. Tasty wines were matched with equally tasty foods. There was enough wine and food to satisfy one’s brunch appetite. My first pairing was a red blend matched with a […]

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