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WBC12 Whites

In his keynote address at the 2012 Wine Bloggers Conference, Randall Grahm suggested a more philosophical approach to wine discussions. Writers could mention the magic the wine works on us. Randall asked if a wine could be powerful enough to move us to poetry. Poetry was an interesting choice of words. At last year’s Wine Bloggers Conference in Charlottesville, Virginia, I began writing haikus about the wines we tasted. At additional conference I followed the same pattern of dispensing with traditional notes and replace with haiku.

WBC12 White Wine Haikus

Riesling red slate
Dry and Food friendly wine
Mosel mineral 

Torrontes with shrimp
Fresh clean and begging for food
Nice summer drinking

Duas Castas white
Semillon and Viosinho
Fruity finish dry

Lake County Pepi
Sauvignon Blanc aroma
Pair with mowing lawn

Decibel Sauv Blanc
Hawkes Bay New Zealand white wine
Tropicals citrus

Va De Vi sparkles
Touch of Muscat enlightens
It’s about the wine

Oregon Chard wine
Butterscotch citrus and bread
Refreshing with food

Evolution fun
Blend of nine white fruity wines
A walk around wine

Domaine Du Tarquet
Classic blend of brandy grapes
Wonderful tasting

Milbrandt Riesling
Dry fruity and chewy wine
A favorite white


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