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WBC12 Red Wines

Just as yesterday with the white wines, my tweets during the red wine tasting were haikus. Writing haiku instead of traditional-type wine notes is interesting. Several speakers at the conference suggested to move away from the traditional descriptions for wine. Haikus are certainly different, perhaps more thought provoking and fit nicely in the alotted space on Twitter.

Oregon Pinot
J Christopher brings out fruit
Try with surf and turf

Archery Summit
A darker Pinot Noir
Smooth and delicious

Craig Camp’s Cornerstone
Oregon Pinot Noir
Don’t grow grape near Cab

Quatro Castas red
Fruit salad with tanic bite
Walk-around, no food

Decible Pinot
Easy drinking NZ red
More tannins in wine

Granacha and Temp
Tapeña tapas and friends
Have fork need food, friends

Willamette Dammit!
Estate Pinot Noir wine
Smooth fruity where’s food

Sokol Blosser red
Evolution blend thirteen
Fun wine; just drink it

Tendril Wine Cellars
Small production nice tasting
Can dance with good food

Medlock Ames red blend
Cab, Merlot, Cab Bordeaux blend
Licorice tasting


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