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Spotlight on Maryland Wine: Some Misconceptions

In April, The Drink Local Wine Conference is held in a state. The first four conferences brought attention to the wine industries in Texas, Virginia, Missouri and Colorado. This year the conference will be held in Baltimore, Maryland on Saturday April 13th. Wine enthusiasts from around the state and wine writers and wine bloggers from around the country will descend on Tremont Suites Hotel and Camden Yards to attend sessions and taste Maryland wines.

Since Maryland is our home state we decided to emphasize Maryland this month. MarylandWine.com lists 53 wineries for the state. We have visited and written about 40 of them. Part of our monthly blog posts and articles will center on Maryland. Today we have an article dealing with some of the misconceptions about Maryland wine. We tackle some of the touchy misconceptions:

Maryland wine isn’t very good.
All Maryland wines are sweet.
Maryland makes mostly fruit wines.
Maryland wines are expensive.
All Maryland wineries are making the same mediocre wine that was made decades ago.

Read the entire article Some Misconceptions about Maryland Wine.

Since the above topics come under an article titled “Misconceptions” you can probably tell where our opinions lie. These misconceptions are not unique to Maryland. Most of the states in the United States have the same misconceptions to overcome. Education is one of the primary tools to combat misconceptions. Having the Drink Local Wine Conference in different states each year helps to educate the consumer and wine writer.

Discover more about Maryland wine. If you live near a Maryland winery, visit the winery and find out what they are making. Registration for the conference is still open. Check out the MarylandWine.com website for information.


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