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Unique Opportunity to Tour Three Wine Regions in France

When we saw the email from Theresa Beaver, Viticulture and Enology Certificate Coordinator at Washington State University about a tour to France, we immediately responded. Theresa has been organizing tours to the world’s wine regions since 2010 when a group traveled to New Zealand for two weeks. Kathy and I were on that trip and experienced both the North and South Island wine regions. The people on the trip were all wine enthusiasts. Some of us were wine writers and students, while others were winemakers and wine growers. In all the winery visits, we met with the winemakers and discussions went far beyond “how wine is made.” In addition both bus drivers were friendly and experienced, taking time to show us unusual and spectacular sites as we traveled between wineries.

Now Theresa Beaver has organized a trip to three French wine regions: Champagne, Burgundy and Bordeaux. We are looking forward to spending two weeks in France visiting vineyards and historical sites. Kathy and I will have much to write about as we experience the wines, wineries, vineyards and sites. If you are a wine enthusiast and thought that some day you will visit France, now is your opportunity. The trip is from June 29th through July 13th. Actually the tour begins on June 30th; however, most flights from the United States to Paris will leave on July 29th and get you to Paris during the morning of July 30th.

In addition to visiting wine estates, the France trip will include a visit to a cheese factory where participants will learn the process of making cheese and the history of cheese.

We recall the wonderful bonds that we made with fellow wine travelers from the New Zealand trip and look forward to meeting more people on this trip to France. For more detailed information on this French wine region trip, visit the site or contact the program coordinator, Theresa Beaver at tbeaver@wsu.edu.

Traveling to wine regions is just another part of your wine journey.

Terry & Kathy

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