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The Arnaldo Caprai Winery Sagrantino Quote Contest

Arnaldo Caprai winery in Montefalco

Arnaldo Caprai winery in Montefalco, Italy

While numerous wineries keep up with social media including having an easily accessible website and perhaps use Facebook and Twitter. Arnaldo Caprai, a renowned Italian winery in Montefalco, in the Umbria region of Italy is taking social media a step further.

Arnaldo Caprai winery recently announced a contest. The goal is for wine lovers to come up with and submit a quote of 140 characters or fewer that describes beauty. Share with Arnaldo Caprai “what beauty means to you.”

Wine enthusiasts have until September 21 to post “what beauty means to you” using only 140 characters or less. Share your sentiment on Twitter or Instagram and use the hash tag #mysagrantino25. The tag line can be a motto, quote or inspirational. According to the email I received, “The best tweets or Instagram posts will be selected and printed on the corks of the Montefalco Sagrantino 25 Anni—the flagship wine of Arnaldo Caprai—literally traveling the globe as messages in a bottle.” The winners of the contest will have their quotes printed on the wine labels for the 25th Anniversary Sagrantino wine.

Wine produced with the Sagrantino grape tends to have high tannins. The dry

Sagrantino wine at Arnaldo Caprai

Sagrantino wine at Arnaldo Caprai

red wine pairings include game, aged cheeses and braised meats. For the wines made in the Passito version, pair with dark chocolate or dry fruit. I would suggest that if you enjoy Cabernet Sauvignon, you should give well made Sagrantino wines a try.

Arnaldo Caprai offers visitors a great experience. If you are visiting the Umbria region, Arnaldo Caprai is one of the wineries you should take time to visit.

We visited Arnaldo Caprai as part of the International Wine Tourism Conference in 2012. The article with photos are available online.

Remember to submit your “beauty” quote with the hash tag #mysagrantino25. What could be better than you’re favorite quote reaching around the world?


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