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Leftover Wine: Don’t Throw it Out!

It doesn’t happen frequently, but when we do have leftover wine we turn to several possibilities of what to do with it. Late in September, Kathy and I received six bottles of wine from Umbria. We participated in an Internet broadcast about the wines. During the broadcast we tweeted and in my case, I wrote […]

Umbrian Sagrantino

Kathy and I attended an Internet presentation of Umbrian wines. We received six samples from Umbria. Umbria an a region in Italy that borders Toscana. It is not part of Toscana.  The wine samples all included the grape Sagrantino. Sagrantino is not Sangiovese. It is a completely different grape and one of my favorite grapes. […]

Sagrantino, One of my Favorite Varieties

Years ago, I discovered the varietal grape Sagrantino while visiting Firelands Winery in Sandusky, Ohio. The owner of the winery, Claudio Salvador also owns an import company. His wife and brother both own wineries in Italy. When Claudio learned that I enjoy very bold tannins, he presented a Sagrantino from the Umbria region of Italy. […]

The Arnaldo Caprai Winery Sagrantino Quote Contest

Arnaldo Caprai, a renowned Italian winery in Montefalco, in the Umbria region of Italy is taking social media a step further.

Sagrantino: What You Need to Know About this Italian Grape

Sagrantino is likely to be indigenous to Montefalco. Some believe the grape variety was introduced to the region by Franciscan Friars perhaps by St. Francis. Today the grape is said to only be grown in Mantefalco. However, we know of a winery in North Carolina and a winery in California that are growing Sagrantino. Wine […]

Sagrantino Is not Sangiovese

In our second book, A Wine Tourist Guide Visiting Tasting Rooms, we wrote a chapter about wine misconceptions and myths. Arnoldo Caprai Winery in Montefalco, Italy sent  us two misconceptions that plagues their tasting room. Many visitors believe Montefalco is in Toscana (Tuscany) when it is really in Umbria. The region Umbria does share a border […]

2006 Sagrantino di Montefalco DOCG

Had an opportunity to taste a 2006 Sagrantino di Montefalco DOCG from Di Filippo Winery in Cannara, Italy. I was searching for a wine with outrageous tannins. My scale of tannins range from zero tannins, to mild tannins, medium tannins, bold tannins and then outrageous tannins. There are also harsh tannins that are a bit […]

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