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Concert to Aid Winery Owner’s Kidney Transplant Costs

Rebec Vineyards and DeVault Family Vineyards are hosting a fundraising concert in support of Svet Kanev, owner and winemaker at Rebec Vineyards, who is in need of a kidney transplant. The concert takes place at DeVault Family Vineyards.

The concert is scheduled for September 10 from 12Noon until 6pm. The proceeds are designated to go towards the Foundation for Svet Kanev. The concert ticket price is a reasonable $15. Will you help?

As everyone knows co-pays can be devastatingly expensive. Svet may have to pay as much as $40,000 for the co-pay. Below is information taken directly from the email that I received about Svet.

Svet Kanev is one of the owners of Rebec Vineyards, and has helped organize the Virginia Wine & Garlic Festival for 26 Years. He is only 49 years old. He has a family: a wife and two kids. However, he must pay $40,000 up front for his co-pay (out of pocket expense). We all know there will likely be additional expenses as he recovers. Support us by advertising and participating in our fundraising program. Share this info with your friends, neighbors and community.   (Shah Kanev or Sharon Devault)

DeVault Family Vineyards is located at 247 Station Lane, Concord, Virginia. If you can attend the festival, registration is online.

Be sure to check out the websites of Rebec Vineyards and DeVault Family Vineyards and the Virginia Wine & Garlic Festival website.


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