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San Luis Obispo:12th Annual Sustainable Ag Expo

San Luis Obispo Airport welcomes visitors to wine country

San Luis Obispo Airport welcomes visitors to wine country


Winemakers and vineyard growers play two distinct but vital roles when it comes to creating that glass of wine in your hand. Both roles are very important. In some circumstances individuals are able to mold the roles into one but that is very difficult and hard work. Growing quality wine grapes is very different from creating the wine. Both require different skills sets and knowledge.

The small winery with land of its own may try to handle both roles. Large wineries will have teams of employees who concentrate on winemaking or the vineyards. There is a third option that many wineries use today; they source their grapes from vineyards rather than growing their own grapes. All three of these options work for creating wine but it is a commonly held belief that the best wines are made from good grapes which requires intense work and good knowledge.

San Luis Obispo is the site of the 12th Annual Sustainable Ag Expo. Knowing the importance of vineyards, grape growers will be interested in this expo scheduled for November 14-16.

Seminars and Break-out Sessions 

  • Keynote Speaker: Brian Leahy, Director of the Department of Pesticide Regulation
  • The End of Farm Labor Abundance
  • Next Steps in the Mechanization of California Agriculture
  • Detection of Fungal diseases
  • Remote Sensing
  • Update on the Red Blotch Virus and Grapevine Trunk Diseases
  • Environmental Policy and Agriculture: Water Supply, Stormwater, and Greenhouse Gases
  • Law & Regs

The Sustainable Ag Expo is presented by the Vineyard Team. To discover more about the Vineyard Team visit their website. Registration for the Sustainable Ag Expo is available online.

Note: If you plan to fly into San Luis Obispo, you will discover a delightful, very small airport. There are also several small nearby wineries that you will want to visit including Autry Cellars and Claiborne & Churchill.



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