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Opening our Qvevri for the 2016 Vidal Blanc

On Sunday we opened our qvevri and tasted our Vidal Blanc that was sealed in the qvevri on its skins since December. A pictorial essay follows. For a detailed description, check out our post on our winemaking site.

The qvevri is buried under the sand. We first removed the sand.


The qvevri was sealed with a coil of clay between the qvevri rim and glass. The clay was still moist after four months underground. It took a bit of effort to break the seal.


A few inches of wine at the top of the qvevri was clear. 


The wine was a yellow color and the silky mouthfeel reminded me of jammy yellow stone fruits. Mild tannins were noticed.


The 18-liter basket press was a new purchase. Kathy scooped out wine and skins and placed them in the press.


The free-run wine and pressed wine was cloudy. It is now in a carboy to clear.



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