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What Are You Drinking for New Year’s Eve?

French champagne

As a child I well remember New Year’s Eve as an at home event. Every year in early fall, my mom and dad would “harvest” the grapes from our few grapevines. There were enough grapes for making yummy homemade grape juice. There was never any talk of making wine in those days.

As a result, by New Year’s Eve there were still bottles of the grape juice stored in the cellar of our 1800s home. Mom would retrieve a bottle of the grape juice, and as a special treat, mix grape juice with ginger ale or 7-Up. The sparkles in the non-alcoholic drink were delightful and just a perfect way to celebrate this special day.

Today it seems that many enjoy celebrating New Year’s Eve with sparkling wine or champagne. We enjoy a glass of sparkling wine/champagne anytime but New Year’s Eve also is a great day to enjoy a glass of sparkling wine especially champagne.

For us, the key to drinking on New Year’s Eve, or anytime, is not to drink too much. How much is too much you might ask. I believe that much of it depends on body weight as well as how much food you are enjoying with the drink. Also it is very important to drink as much water as alcohol.

If you will be driving on New Year’s Eve, use a designated driver – someone who will not drink alcohol during the event. Many people will be happy to help you out, and as a thank you, you can also give them a gift of perhaps a bottle of wine to enjoy at a later time.

Layton’s Chance, a Maryland Eastern Shore winery

I would like to thank Layton’s Chance, a Maryland Eastern Shore winery, who sent out an email and also has posted online an article that celebrated the designated driver. In the article, In Praise of the Designated Driver, they write: “This is a person who holds life at such a high esteem that they would rather be entirely sober on Christmas, New Year’s or a random Friday evening gathering (which can be amusing, ask anyone who works behind the counter in the Tasting Room) rather than worry someone they like or love could drive impaired. They volunteer to drink coffee, soda or other non-alcoholic drink so others don’t need worry.” Read the Wine Trail Traveler review article about Layton’s Chance Winery.

Please drink in moderation! Tomorrow, we will write about the specials wines we had to celebrate the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019.


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