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New Year’s Eve at Iridescence

Teeling Irish Whiskey started off our New Year’s Eve celebration.

What did we drink to end 2018 for New Year’s Eve dinner? It was quite a plethora. As we were seated at Iridescence Restaurant in the Motor City Casino in Detroit, the men were served Teeling Irish Whiskey while the women were served a champagne from Moët & Chandon. The light gold colored brut champagne had multiple streams of small bubbles rising to the surface forming a circumference mousse. The bubbly mouthfeel had mineral and apple notes. The taste lingered in the mouth. The wine was used as an appetizer.

For the men, the Teeling Irish Whiskey was also used as an appetizer. The whiskey was a light yellow color with a floral and corn aroma. Floral notes, corn and heat were noted on the taste. The Irish whiskey had an extremely long aftertaste lasting several minutes. I added a small bit of water to the whiskey and noticed the heat was subdued a bit.

2011 Perrier Jouët

Appetizers were served and paired with 2011 Perrier Jouët. This brut champagne had a light yellow color with multiple columns of tiny bubbles forming a center mousse. Apple, mineral and citrus were on the aroma and taste. The mouthfeel was crisp. The wine paired wonderfully with Alaskan King Crab on Brioche (hollandaise, celery, lemon vinaigrette) and Osetra Caviar (with smoked salmon, eggs, chives, brioche, crème fraîche). The wine helped cleanse the palate. 



Alaskan King Crab

2014 Buccella Merlot.

Both Kathy and I had Alaskan Sea Bass for the entrée. To pair with this entrée we had a 2014 Buccella Merlot. This Merlot was delicious. The dark ruby to black colored wine had black fruits on the aroma. The taste was reminiscent of blackberries, blueberries, black cherries, licorice and a touch of leather. The wine had a very silky mouthfeel, with a full body and medium to bold tannins. The fruity finish yielded to spices and licorice.

The evening was a wonderful goodbye to 2018 and a great way to welcome in 2019. We had a wonderful meal at Iridescence and only lost a bit at the casino.


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