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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Roy Estate 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon

Having dinner with my brother presents a wine adventure. He decided to waver from his favorite Camus Special Select and took a bottle of Roy Estate Cabernet Sauvignon to Bucci Ristorante in Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan. The bottle was opened and sat as we drank a bottle of 2002 Palmaz Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon with bread […]

Only Six Shopping Days Until Christmas

With only six days left before Christmas, have you finished your shopping yet? If you haven’t, consider a home winemaking kit or accessories to go along with it. Last Christmas I purchased a winemaking kit by mail after reading online what some home winemakers said were good kits. The great thing about winemaking kits is […]

7 Shopping Days, Are You Puzzled About Holiday Gifts?

Time is running out on holiday gifts but gift ideas for wine enthusiasts are plentiful. If your wine enthusiast enjoys puzzles consider a wine bottle puzzle. The puzzle is quite simple to take apart and put back together, assuming you place the parts in order by size and start with the larger parts first. It […]

8 Shopping Days ’til Christmas

With only eight shopping days until Christmas, consider gift baskets from one of your local wineries. Numerous wineries offer wine related gift baskets. Some baskets are very simple and will delight any recipient. However, some gift baskets are detailed and directed towards a particular passion. Usually all of the baskets have one or two bottles […]

9 Shopping Days ’til Christmas

With only 9 shopping days until Christmas, here are two more book suggestions. Red, White and Drunk All Over: A Wine-Soaked Journey from Grape to Glass by Natalie MacLean is delightful. The author’s passion for wine provides a very enjoyable look at wine. Her descriptions, quotes and passion bring the book alive. A wide variety of […]

10 Shopping Days ’til Christmas (Wine Stoppers)

Wine stoppers are appreciated by anyone who may not want to finish a bottle of wine.  They will enjoy the convenience of having a wine stopper. While wine stoppers will not prevent wine from oxidizing after opening, a good wine stopper will help the wine to be preserved for a day or two. A large variety of […]

Only 13 Shopping Days ’til Christmas and Time for a Break

There is a lot more to Christmas than shopping even though there are only 12 shopping days until Christmas. At this time of year, family and friends are all a part of the season. We enjoyed dinner at Luciano’s Restaurant this week with many of our family. Luciano’s Restaurant, located in Clinton Twp., Michigan is […]

14 Shopping Days Before Christmas

Wineglasses can be problematic to choose for gifts but if you know someone who may enjoy receiving wineglasses consider some of these tips. Riedel, Spiegelau, Stolzle and Schott Zwiesel are renowned wineglass brands. These companies produce different types of wineglasses for different types of wine. These are relatively expensive so if price is no problem […]

15 Shopping Days ’til Christmas

With 15 shopping days until Christmas, there is still time to consider gifts for your favorite wine enthusiast. Do you know a wine enthusiast who enjoys cooking? There are several books on the market and each vary with what they offer. I came across “The Gourmet’s Guide to Cooking with Wine” by Alison Boteler, published […]

Christmas Shopping for the Wine Enthusiast

With only 16 shopping days left until Christmas, have you completed your Christmas shopping? For the next few days, I’ll be taking a look at some gifts that you may want to consider for the wine enthusiast on your Christmas list. For someone who travels to wineries and vineyards, we have discovered wine bottle totes […]

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