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Monthly Archives: September 2013

You Know You’re a Wine Geek When You Get Excited about a Hole in the Ground

Our driver was laughing at us. How could we be excited about seeing a hole in the ground? We weren’t the only ones that wanted to see a hole the would soon hold several qvevri. There were two agriculture students, one from Austria and the other from Ukraine. They were interns at Our Wine and […]

8th Day in Georgia (Sakartvelo): Birthplace of Wine

Tuesday was a very busy day with visits to three Georgian wineries. Two of the wineries are small production wineries that are producing wines using the Georgian traditional qvevri.

7th Day in Georgia: Birthplace of Wine

Our day began with a visit to the 6th century Ikalto Monastery that included an academy. It was also known for being a large winemaking enterprise with numerous qvevri discovered.

Basignani Winery Special Offer

AAA in Baltimore is offering members a special deal for a wine and cheese tasting at a local winery. Events at wineries…

6th Day in Georgia: Birthplace of Wine

Our 6th day in Georgia, the cradle of wine, was amazing. The sun was warm and a slight breeze was delightful as we harvested two of Georgia’s indigenous grapes,the first was Rkatsiteli.

5th Day in Georgia (Sakartvelo): Birthplace of Wine

After a quick breakfast at Chateau Mere, we were on our way to the first of four Georgian wineries. Kindzmarauli Marani is a winery with a large vineyard “library” of well maintained grapevines. Currently the vineyard has 420 grape varieties that can be found in Georgia.

4th Day in Georgia: Birthplace of Wine

Leaving Chateau Mere about 10:30 am, it wasn’t long before we reached Teleda Winery. While this is a young winery, they are producing qvevri wines. The highlight of our visit was to see workers carefully putting a pail with cardboard burning in it into a qvevri.

Traveling the Roads of Kakheti, Georgia (Sakartvelo)

We have been in Kakheti for a few days visiting wineries. For Americans, the scene is different than what you are use to. The first thing Kathy noticed was the lack of barns along the country landscape. Cattle, as well as other animals, range freely. There are few fences and we only saw one fence […]

Day 3 in Georgia: Birthplace of Wine

On Thursday, we traveled to the Kakheti region and visited two wineries. Later we traveled to Chateau Mere for dinner and lodging. This lodging site also produces traditional wines and qvevri wines. The first winery, MARANI of TELAVI is large, producing about 3,500,000 bottles. They have two brands. They produce numerous styles of wine including […]

Our Second Day in Georgia, the Birthplace of Wine

Our second day in Georgia was as great as our first day. Our driver and our guide, Tamta, from the Georgia National Wine Agency took us to the outskirts of Tbilisi. Our first stop was in Mtskheta….qv

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