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Archery Summit
Kathy and Terry Sullivan

Archery SummitSummary: Archery Summit, in Willamette Valley, produces Pinot Noir wines that are dark with bold tannins. They are “striving to make the best Pinot Noir in the United States.”

Archery Summit in Willamette Valley, Oregon is a winery to visit especially for those who are fond of bold tannins. The beige/sand colored building is low and long. The effect is one of low-keyed elegance with a delightful ambiance. The property was purchased in 1990 with 73 estate acres. The winemaker produces wines per vineyard block. Currently Archery Summit produces 7,000 to 8,000 cases of wine per year. The owners want consumers to know that they are “striving to make the best Pinot Noir in the United States.” At Archery Summit the Pinot Noir wines are dark with many tannins.

Archery SummitThe Vineyards

An important aspect for the owners of Archery Summit is farming their own land. In the vineyards organic principles are followed. Currently several vineyards cover 118 acres. Most of the acreage is covered with Pinot Noir with a couple of acres of Pinot Gris.

The site the winery is located on is called Archery Summit Estate and has 16 acres of Pinot Noir that was planted in 1994 and 1995. At the time of our early March visit, the vines had been pruned and remain dormant. Vines are kept close to the ground to be close to the nutrient rich rootstock and warmth of the soil. Yields of grapes are kept low emphasizing quality over quantity. Canopy management is done by hand throughout the growing season. Visitors will note the use of some retaining walls and landscaping that complements the vineyard.

Archery SummitWinery and Caves

The winery is five levels, three of which are below ground. This enables it to use a gravity flow system. The wine is aged in barrels in a cave and the winemaker does not filter the wines. The 460 oak barrels are resting in wine caves with low lighting on the walls. The caves were built between 1991 and 1994, providing 12,000 plus square feet of space. The temperature stays at a constant 55 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit. An amazing view of volcanic stone is visible through a large part of one wall. Water trickles down the volcanic stone. In addition to being a unique view of volcanic rock, the water helps keep the needed moisture that oak barrels need when aging wine. Typically, the winemaker does not use oak barrels beyond three years.

Archery SummitArchery Summit Wines

Inside, the tasting room is comfortable. The dark cherry wood counter and backdrop add a note of sophistication. Cameron Cusick conducted our tasting and tour of the caves.

Archery Summit produces five single vineyard wines. Wine tastings are with the Riedel Oregon Pinot Noir stemware. The Premier Cuvée 2007 was a dark ruby color with notes of cherry on the aroma. The taste offered cherry, plum and cocoa notes while the finish was crisp with tannins. Looney Vineyard Pinot Noir 2007 was a dark ruby with notes of cherry and spice. The finish had bold tannins and was fruity. Arcus Estate Pinot Noir 2007 was also dark ruby with an aroma of cherries and violets. The taste had cherry and spice notes. The finish was very fruity with tannins. Red Hills Estate Pinot Noir 2007 a dark ruby, had cherry and spice notes on the aroma and taste. There were bold tannins on the finish.

Archery SummitVisitors to Archery Summit can experience a delightful time with wonderful wines, especially if you like dark ruby color, full bodied Pinot Noir with bold tannins.

Archery Summit
18599 N.E. Archery Summit Rd
Dayton Oregon 97114

GPS: N45º 15.474’ W123º 02.800’





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