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Jacobsen Salt Company
Terry Sullivan

Jacobsen Salt CompanySummary: Along Oregon’s Pacific Coast lies Netarts Bay, the state’s seventh largest bay covering 2,325 acres. The bay is home to millions of oysters that help filter the water. The tides in the bay also help clean the water making this salt water cleaner and purer. Jacobsen Salt Company uses this pristine water to produce quality sea salts.

In Portland, a former Procter and Gamble warehouse building that has seen other uses over the years is now used by the Jacobsen Salt Company. The large warehouse has a tasting/retail area close to the packing area. Workers were busy packaging salty black licorice on the day of our visit. The building is also used to make dry infusions of their salts and for events.

The company’s goal is to be the finest producer of flake and kosher salts. The company produces a portfolio of classic and infused salts, cocktail salts and salty confections. Examples of confections include salty black licorice, salty caramels, salty honey nut chews and salty maple chews. All are enticing products to nibble or for the cook.

Jacobsen Salt CompanySalt Making Process

When the company was founded, buckets of water were carried to the plant from Netarts Bay. Now a pipe from the center of the bay is used to send water to the plant. The bay water is sand filtered then transferred to giant stock pots with a 400 gallon capacity. The water is heated and begins to evaporate reducing the volume to 250 gallons. The water is then transferred to a holding tank where it continues to evaporate leaving the sea salt behind. If the plans are to infuse with a liquid, the liquid infuser (for example Pinot Noir) will be added at this point. If workers are going to infuse with dry herbs, the infusion takes place after the evaporation process.

It takes about seven days to go through the evaporation process. The evaporation process removes water and calcium magnesium. During 2015, the Jacobsen Salt Company produced about 12,000 pounds of sea salt each month.

Jacobsen Salt CompanySalt Tasting

Two saltcellars were placed side-by-side, one with flake salt and the other with kosher salt. The infused salts were placed on a board next to their container that reveals the type of salt. Notice the varied colors of the infused salts. The colors range from white to earthy tones including yellows and browns. A dark pinkish red salt was infused with Oregon Pinot Noir. To taste, just take a small pinch of the salts with your thumb and forefinger and drop onto your tongue. Notice the differences in tastes. Some are subtle while others have tastes that are much stronger.



Jacobsen Salt CompanyOne of the more noticeable salts is the habanero salt infused with habanero peppers. The salt is aromatic and there is heat on the taste and aftertaste. The black garlic salt was a dark brown color and had a slightly sweet and tangy taste. The Pinot Noir salt is a dark pink color. The beautiful color makes this salt a great addition to appetizers with just a light sprinkle. Think of using this salt on foods that pair with Pinot Noir. The sweet onion infused salt offered an intense but delightful taste of sweet onion.


Different events can be held at the Portland facility including dinners, parties and weddings. The facility includes a full kitchen. The Portland site can accommodate 150 people seated or 250 people standing. Jacobsen also has a “Salt, Fire, Water Event.” This culinary event celebrates food and community.

If you are interested in sea salt, visit the Portland Tasting Room for a taste of the large portfolio of infused sea salts, flake salt and kosher salt. In addition, visitors will have the opportunity to taste and purchase local Oregon honey by Bee Local.

Jacobsen Salt Company
Portland Tasting Room
602 SE Salmon Street
Portland, Oregon 97214


Article written December 2015

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