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Evergreen Vineyards
by Kathy Sullivan

Evergreen VineyardsSummary: A visit to Evergreen Vineyards in Oregon offers an unusual combination of an aircraft museum visit with a tasting room experience. The museum offers an assortment of aircraft to view including the large Spruce Goose inspired by Howard Hughes. All Evergreen Vineyards wines are estate bottled.

Evergreen Vineyards located in Oregon offers two tasting rooms located at the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. Evergreen Agricultural Enterprises, Inc. established the winery in 1989 when the organization purchased a vineyard of Pinot Noir. Since 1989 the Evergreen Vineyards have increased with plantings of additional varieties including Riesling, Chardonnay and Pinot Gris. All Evergreen Vineyards' wines are estate bottled.

Tasting Room, Museum and Café

Evergreen VineyardsOne tasting room is located in the first museum building, which also houses Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose and many other aircraft. The tasting room is located just inside the front door. Wine enthusiasts can visit the tasting room without the entrance fee for the museum or can make a delightful day of it by visiting the tasting room, museum and café inside the museum. Adjacent to the tasting room the café offers the opportunity to purchase food and enjoy a glass of wine from the tasting room. Small tables near windows but in view of the aircraft displays add to the ambiance of the visit.

Delford Smith is the force behind the winery and museum. Smith built the museum in honor of his son, Captain Michael King Smith, who prior to passing away was very involved with military style aircraft.

Today 50 acres of vineyards are in front of the museum. These consist of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The other vineyards are in Dundee with 180 acres of Pinot Gris, Riesling, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. All wines are estate grown. The tasting room opened in 2001 and began with Pinot Noir juice. Today they continue to produce Pinot Noir juice and wine. Wines are produced at Northwest Wine Company where white wines are produced in stainless steel tanks.

Evergreen VineyardsEvergreen VineyardsWines

The 2008 Riesling with the Spruce Goose label offered tropical aromas and taste. The finish was crisp and dry with a perceived sweetness from the fruit. The 2005 Reserve Pinot Noir with a drawing of the estate on the label was a sienna color. The aroma had red berry and cherry fruit with spice nuances. The taste reminds one of cherries while the finish was crisp and fruity. Museum Reserve 2006 was a ruby color. The aroma and taste had red cherry notes. The finish was crisp with a long cherry aftertaste. Evergreen Pinot Noir 2006 was a ruby color with cherry notes on the aroma. The taste had cherry and spice aromatics. The finish was fruity with spice.

Grape Juice from Pinot Noir

Evergreen Vineyards began with a Pinot Noir grape juice. After beginning to produce wine the decision was made to continue producing the grape juice. The Pinot Noir grape juice was an orange-ish color. The juice was sweet with hints of cherry and strawberry. Overall it was a very tasty grape juice.

Evergreen VineyardsAvailability of Evergreen Vineyards’ Wines

Evergreen Vineyards wines are available locally at the two tasting rooms in McMinnville, Oregon. The wines are also available internationally at restaurants and retail wine shops.

Evergreen Vineyards
500 NE Captain Michael King Smith Way
McMinnville, Oregon 97128

GPS: N45º 12.268’ W123º 08.623’


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