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ZinEx, A Celebration of Zinfandel

2020 ZinEX, an annual wine experience, promoted by ZAP (Zinfandel Adovcates & Producers) takes place in San Francisco from January 30 to February 1.

Thursday, January 30: Trade and Media Tasting
January 30-31: Opening Night Dining (a VIP event)
Friday, January 31: Flights!
January 31 – February 1: Winemakers Auction & Dinner 
Saturday, February 1: Grand Tasting

Special VIP package.

The VIP Package for 2 includes:

  • Lodging for 2 nights at the Palace Hotel
  • 2 tickets to 4 events ( Reservations at Opening Night Dining, reserved seating at flights, preferred seating at Winemakers Auction and Dinner and all day access to Grand Tasting.
  • A walk-around with a winemaker at the Grand Tasting (limited to the first 10 booked)
  • Shuttle service to Saturday and Thursday events
  • Heritage Club-Vintage Membership

Tickets are available on eventbrite.

About Zinfandel  (information from A Wine Lexicon)

Zinfandel: a vitis vinifera grape variety that has become very popular in California. 

In Croatia, the Zinfandel is known as Crljenak kaštelanski and in Italy, it is named Primitivo. 

Characteristics include: red and black berry fruits. Other fruit notes to look for include: raisins, prunes and bell peppers. Zinfandel is also known for herb and spice notes, such as fennel seed, dill, lavender, mint, black pepper, anise, cloves and allspice.. 

Food pairing: aged cheese, pork, beef, duck, grilled peppers, eggplant, and carrot cake 

About ZAP

ZAP stands for Zinfandel Advocates & Produces. The mission statement for the organization is “advances knowledge and appreciation for American Zinfandel and its unique place in our culture and history.”

ZAP includes education, research and preservation. Zinfandel is a deep, rich red color and can be enjoyed by those who like red wine. Zinfandel can also be used as an ingredient for recipes.

Try the easy-to-make recipe that uses only three ingredients including Zinfandel and then enjoy the mushrooms with a glass of Zinfandel.

Marvelous Mushrooms


1 package of sliced mushrooms
1-2 T butter
Galleano Zinfandel

Sauté the mushrooms in the butter for 5 minutes.
Add a generous splash of Zinfandel; stir gently until mushrooms are tender. Mushrooms will be a beautiful rose color.

Recipe provided by the historic Galleano Winery, Cucamonga Valley, California

When you are looking for more recipes that use Zinfandel check out these recipes that are located on the Wine Trail Traveler website recipe section.

Zinfandel Wine Jello Shots
Zinfandel-Slow Cooker Braised Short Ribs
Mediterranean Chicken Breast with Risotto and Sauteed Zucchini
Blue Cheese-Zinfandel Burgers
Basque Fisherman’s Tuna Stew


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