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Attending the 2016 IWINETC in the Penedés Affords an Opportunity to Become a Placomusophile

This is not a negative. The word placomusophile refers to a collector of placas or chapas, those metal coverings that are affixed to a wire cage holding a cork in a bottle of sparkling wine. This piece of metal protects the cork from the wire cage. The use of metal coverings dates back to 1844 […]

A Second Week in Penedès Region Tasting Cavas

We spent a Second Week in Penedès region of Catalonia visiting cava producers, tasting cavas for the 50 Great Cavas book, and of course writing. The weather continues to be beautiful. We continue tasting cavas that we find are terrific sparkling wines. Most of these are made with the indigenous grapes Macabeo, Parellada and Xerl.lo. […]

A Week in the Penedès Tasting Cavas!

We’ve been in Catalonia for a week now. Everyday has been a fine, sunny day (#fsd). As we co-author a book on the 50 Great Cavas, we are continuing to visit cava producers in the Penedès region.

Still a Thirst for Cavas

Upon returning home from the Penedés wine region of Catalonia, I still had a thirst for cavas. Kathy and I had many cavas while visiting wineries in the Penedés and while staying in Barcelona. Back in Maryland there is less of a selection of cavas. Imagine my surprise last evening, when at a French restaurant, […]

In Search of Cavas, Phylloxera Is Celebrated

Phylloxera is an insect that, in most areas of the world, has destroyed grape vines. The villain of vineyards is celebrated; however, in a small town in the Penedés region of Catalonia, Spain. While on our search for Cavas, we stopped by the museum Centro de Interpretación de Cava (CIC). The town Sant Sadurní d’Anoia is referred to as the capital of Cava. There are many Cava producers there and most of the Cava is produced there. The ultra-modern multi-sensory museum makes sense. Celebrating the insect that destroyed vineyards in the region though does not.

What Does Cava Have to Offer Wine Lovers?

While on Wine Pleasures 50 Great Cavas Media Tour, visiting Cava producers and tasting numerous Cavas in Catalonia, we discovered a wonderful enthusiasm for Cavas.

In Search of Cava, Found in a Wine Cathedral

Our search for Cava began in the Penedés region of Catalonia, Spain. After checking into our hotel, Sol i Vi, we headed to Andernats Vinícola de Nulles in the town Nulles.

In Search of Cavas Found in Stone

Tasting Cava in a stone hut built in a vineyard. A century ago, stone huts were used for shelter by vineyard workers.

50 Great Cavas Media Group Announced

In February, Kathy and I attended a tasting of the Wines of La Mancha in Washington D.C. Prior to the grand tasting we attended a seminar including wines and producers from the La Mancha wine region in Spain. Sitting next to me was a representative from the Spanish Embassy. We talked about Spanish wines and […]

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