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Cava Mentioned in Champagne Course

I am currently taking the Champagne Master Level Course by the French Wine Society. One of the classes was devoted to sparkling wines made throughout the world. Several slides were presented about cava. Our instructor could not refrain from an occasional criticism about cava. Her first run at negativity was downgrading the grapes Macabeo, Xarel-lo […]

Dunking potato chips in champagne

Kathy and I are leaving France for the next leg of our journey. We enjoyed several days in Champagne, tasting and writing about champagne, champagne houses and co-operatives. One experience we did not have is dunking potato chips in champagne. This is not a new idea. In the movie, The Seven Year Itch (1955) “the […]

From champagne to cava

Our trek to Europe reminds me of this year”s International Wine Tourism Conference. We started in the lounge at the airport with champagne. On board the IcelandAir flight to Reykjavik, we were served a  Mont Marcal Cava Reserva. The last session at the International Wine Tourism Conference is a presentation by next year’s conference host. […]

Celebrated the New Year with a Cava

Since attending the 50 Great Cavas media tour last October, I have had several cavas over the months. I am quite impressed with the sparkling wines especially those produced from native grapes Xarel-lo, Macabeo and Parellada. We are visiting our daughter and son-in-law in the Dayton area of Ohio and I forgot to bring a […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Sparkling Wines

What is a good choice in wine to give as a holiday gift or take to a dinner or party?

Still a Thirst for Cavas

Upon returning home from the Penedés wine region of Catalonia, I still had a thirst for cavas. Kathy and I had many cavas while visiting wineries in the Penedés and while staying in Barcelona. Back in Maryland there is less of a selection of cavas. Imagine my surprise last evening, when at a French restaurant, […]

Does the Glass Matter?

In The Drinks Business’ post Wine Glass Best for Champagne, Says Pernod the notion of a flute and coupe is put to the challenge. Perhaps the best glass for sparkling wine is a white wine glass. This made me recall the glasses we used while in the Penedés Cava region of Catalonia and Barcelona a […]

Roundup of Catalonia-style Food and Cavas

We recently returned from Catalonia, a region of Spain where we discovered fine foods, cavas and still wines. Along the way we posted 11 Wine Trail Traveler blogs featuring the wines and foods easy to discover in this Mediterranean region.

Returning Home from Cava to Champagne

Flying Air France from CDG to DTW, while sipping Champagne Pannier

Cava Tasting to Help Obra Social San Juan de Dios

On October 17 at the Hotel Hilton Diagonal Mar, the hotel will host a charity cava tasting. The organizers expect about 150 people to attend making this one of the largest charity wine tasting events in Barcelona.

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