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Wine Bloggers Conference Gives Chance to Plug Ancient Winemaking Protocols

The previous Wine Bloggers Conference on the East Coast was in Charlottesville, Virginia. At that 2011 conference, I took a couple bottles of wine that I had made and shared with other members of the media. One bottle was an east/west blend of Lake County Cabernet Sauvignon and Virginia Tannat. This year’s conference returns to […]

Boston Wine Expo: Reaction to Qvevri Wine

The 2015 Boston Wine Expo was cut short due to yet another blizzard to plague Boston. On Saturday, I spent most of my time pouring wines and gently educating wine enthusiasts for Badagoni Winery in the country Georgia. I enjoyed working the inside of the table. Unfortunately, I never had the time to visit many […]

Are American Wine Enthusiasts Ready for Georgian Qvevri White Wines?

Are American wine enthusiasts ready for qvevri made wines from the country Georgia? Perhaps on Valentine Day they may embrace the qvevri white wines. Qvevri winemaking is an ancient winemaking process where grapes are fermented and aged in earthen vessels called qvevris. These qvevris are buried underground and can last for centuries if taken care […]

Georgian Producers to Showcase their Wines at The Boston Wine Expo

One of the largest wine expositions in the United States is the annual Boston Wine Expo. On February 14th and 15th, wine trade and consumers will have the opportunity to taste wines from over 200 producers from around the world. Ten producers from the country Georgia will showcase wines produced using modern wine making protocols […]

Wine Trail Traveler 2014 Year in Review

Wine Trail Traveler’s 2014 was a very busy year, even though we visited fewer wineries than other years. Our winter was spent preparing for the March publication of our third book, Georgia, Sakartvelo: the Birthplace of Wine. The book was published in March, just in time for us to take copies to Georgia for the […]

Keeping Up with Our Home Winemaking

Since arriving back from our visit to the Catalonia region of Spain, where we visited with winemakers and cava producers, we have been busy with our own winemaking. Late last week we….

A Qvevri or Something Else?

An underground vessel was discovered near terraced land in the Penedes wine region of Catalonia, Spain.

Steps of Preparing Our Qvevri for Winemaking

Despite our busy schedule in support of wineries and vineyards, we have continued working on the small qvevri we brought home from the country of Georgia after our spring visit to Tbilisi for the International Wine Tourism Conference.

In Search for a Bit of Sakartvelo in America

Robert Blasscyk of Lily Girl Vineyards reached out and contacted me about qvevri winemaking in the country Georgia. Lily Girl Vineyards is located in Tioga, Pennsylvania, close to Rt 15 and the New York border. Robert is very interested in creating a marani and producing traditional Georgian wines in buried qvevris. During our discussion, Robert […]

Are there Qvevri Makers in the United States?

Qvevris are clay vessels used for fermenting and aging wine. Unlike amphorae, qvevris are not used to transport wine, rather qvevris are buried underground and can remain in use for centuries. Qvevri production is mostly taking place in the country Georgia, where there are a handful of artisans left to create these vessels. We met […]

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