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Sparkling Wine Anyone?

This year seems to be the year for sparkling wines. The International Wine Tourism Conference was in Champagne, France and next year’s conference will move to Barcelona, Spain – cava country. In January, Kathy and I judged Virginia sparkling wines. Later this month, we are going to judge cavas. We are currently writing a book […]

Sparkling wine before champagne

The sparkling wine, champagne, as we know it today evolved over hundreds of years, as opposed to being invented by a single person at a single time. Although the Champagne region of France excelled at making champagne, once embraced, other people were deliberately making wine that had effervescence a century before the Champenois. The French […]

Virginia Sparkling Wine Blind Tasting

On Sunday, February 1st a group of 11 wine tasters evaluated ten Virginia sparkling wines. Participants in the blind tasting judged the sparkling wines. All ten wines were ranked one through ten by each individual taster and then data from all tasters were combined.   The tasting was held at Wedmore Place at Wessex Hundred […]

An Influence of a Champagne Family on a North American Winery

This year’s International Wine Tourism Conference takes place in Reims in the Champagne wine region of France. Our thoughts begin to explore this region and the people that make champagne. In our travels to wineries and vineyards in Canada and the United States, we met many winemakers and vineyardists that are from France. Many have […]

Tasters Guild Maryland

Tasters Guild Maryland chapter members are enthusiastic about still wines and sparkling wines.

Holiday Gift Guide: Sparkling Wines

What is a good choice in wine to give as a holiday gift or take to a dinner or party?

Does the Glass Matter?

In The Drinks Business’ post Wine Glass Best for Champagne, Says Pernod the notion of a flute and coupe is put to the challenge. Perhaps the best glass for sparkling wine is a white wine glass. This made me recall the glasses we used while in the Penedés Cava region of Catalonia and Barcelona a […]

Discovering a Local Bar in Barcelona

We discovered this tiny bar with sandwiches in “a hole in the wall” not far from major tourist sites in the older parts of Barcelona.

Photos of a Georgian Winery: Bagrationi 1882 in Georgia’s Kartli Region

The heart-warming country of Georgia has wineries and vineyards spread throughout the low lying area east of Tbilisi all the way to Batumi, the resort city on the Black Sea. Check out Bagrationi 1882, a winery producing sparkling wines.

A Perfect Bottle Style for Valentine’s Day

Anna de Codorniu has released a new image for their Brut Rosé Cava and it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day or any time you want to add elegance to your day.

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