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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Wine for a Cause

Wine for a Cause It’s amazing what a little creative thinking can come up with today. Occasionally we come across a cause that if many people contributed in some small way, together it would be significant. Here is one opportunity, that only costs you postage and yet a donation will be made. By thinking outside […]

PakSense Labels for Shipping Wine

PakSense, a company that started in 2004 has a very interesting product that just may help consumers. One of their products is a small label that can be affixed to a bottle or case of wine at a winery. When the wine reaches its destination, the information can be relayed back to the winery. According […]

Organic Vineyards

Organic wines are very difficult to produce. Depending upon the region where the grapes are growing the climate can significantly affect the health of the vineyards. The requirements by the government to produce an organic wine that is labeled “organic” are very stringent. Spraying for insect and disease control is commonplace, although many vineyards use […]

Who Decides if you Like a Wine?

I am always bemused when someone tells me that they buy a wine based on a score on a hundred -point scale or the number of medals the wine has been awarded. I guess this dates back to when our children were growing up and presented in science fairs. In most of those fairs, everyone […]

Do Only the French Make Quality Wines?

Recently, a blog site has had comments discussing wines in the United States and France. One post went as far a saying that only French wines had great quality and that US wines could not compare.

Is Wine a Sophisticated Beverage?

The other day I read a comment on another blog site in which the writer said that he drinks wine because it is more “sophisticated”. Hmmm. I had to wonder exactly who he is trying to impress and why is he trying to be sophisticated. The comment reminded me of something akin to a middle […]

As Your Wine Experience Grows

It is of interest to note that some people prefer one type of wine or wine from only one region. Others like many different wines from all over the world. As I travel to hundreds of wineries and vineyards per year, I have the opportunity to taste thousands of wines. Although I do have favorites […]

East Coast Vineyards Brace for Tropical Storms and Hurricanes

East Coast Vineyards Brace for Tropical Storms and Hurricanes Every year the East Coast of the United States has to deal with tropical storms and hurricanes. Too much rain shortly before harvest particularly affects the quality of the grapes. This in turn affects the quality of the wine. In response to the tropical storm Hanna, […]

Sustainability and LEED Certification for Wineries

There isn’t a legal definition of sustainability which can lead to ambiguous comments about what is and isn’t sustainable. That’s why we were glad to learn about LEED certification. LEED is a rating system based on points used for measuring building sustainability. LEED certification focuses on building sustainability. According to winery owners who have or […]

Red Wine or White Wine? Which to Choose?

Last night we opted for opening a semi-dry white wine, Nectarine/Peach 2006 from Joseph’s Estate Wine in Niagara-on-the-Lake. The weather here in Maryland has been hot but deliciously cool in the evening so a white wine seemed the perfect choice. Upon swirling the wine, we noticed an intense peach/nectarine/apricot aroma. The wine was a light […]

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