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Wine Festivals for Traveltuesday

This is TravelTuesday, as Twitters like to call it, so here are some wine festival/events to consider traveling to in the U.S. Enjoy planning a trip to a wine festival. Many wine festivals offer an array of other activities including live music, arts & crafts to browse and perhaps buy, food to enjoy, short wine […]

Social Media Session at DrinkLocalWine Conference

The second session of the DrinkLocalWine Conference focused on social media – “Social media: How regional wineries can get the word out.” Jeff Siegel, the Wine Curmudgeon; Jennifer Breaux Blosser, Breaux Vineyards; Lenn Thomson, New York Cork Report were the panelists. Michel Wangbicker was the moderator. Social media allows people to find the regional wines […]

Wine Events in Virginia, April 23 -25

The weekend of April 24 and 25 is important in Virginia. The focus at the 2nd Annual Drinklocal.com Conference will be Virginia wines. Learn about Thomas Jefferson’s interest in growing grapes, the best grapes to grow in Virginia and taste some Virginia wines at the Twitter Taste-off. There will also be Maryland wineries at the […]

Wine Tasting on Twitter Tonight

Today is the day for the Twitter tasting of wine blends. This is the third Twitter tasting monthly event promoted by Rick Bakas of St. Supery Vineyards and Winery. Every first Thursday of the month, a special wine tasting is held virtually online. Wine lovers can participate by choosing a wine from a broad category, […]

Wineries Unlimited Trade Show and Twitter

Wineries Unlimited Trade Show & Conference opens today to the public. The original trade show and conference was started by Winery and Management Magazine in 1976. We’ll be tweeting about the trade show during the day. If you haven’t already done so, consider becoming a Twitter friend of wineabout and winetrailtravel. We’ll help to keep […]

Twitter Sauvignon Blanc Tasting

Last night we participated in the Twitter Sauvignon Blanc tasting. We invited friends to join us in tasting five different Sauvignon Blancs and provided three appetizers. The wines included two from Napa Valley, one from New Zealand, one was from France and one from Temecula Valley in California with grapes from Washington. Conversation was great […]

Taste, Tweet, Retweet

The Twitter tasting event #SauvBlanc is already gearing up. Wine tasters from around the world are going to tweet about Sauvignon Blancs. A few friends will join us as we taste four different Sauvignon Blancs, one from France, one from New Zealand, one from California made with late harvest grapes sourced from Washington and the […]

Making a Difference

Last week I wrote a lengthy article on how wineries can get on the Twitter bandwagon. I learned today that Tin Lizzie Wineworks in Clarksville, Maryland read the article and created a Twitter account. They are now tweeting. It is always nice to know that if your write something, it may help others. It is […]

Participate in an Online Wine Tasting of California Cabernet

On February 11, tweeters and wine lovers will have the opportunity to have fun tasting California Cabernet wines and tweeting about them. Those who participate in this event can order their Cabernet wine from a California winery or purchase a bottle at their local wine shop or perhaps grocery store. The plan is to divide […]

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