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Central Oregon Vineyard Event Supports Cancer Research Center

Usually when we think of wineries in Oregon we consider Willamette Valley and the Columbia Gorge areas. However several wineries are also located in Central Oregon. Wine lovers will find Faith, Hope and Charity Vineyards and Events Center in Terrebonne, Oregon about a 2.5 hour drive from Portland. The Vineyards and Events Center is a bit unusual as they are in the process of creating a resort on 315 acres.

New Zealand Wineries Use State-of- the-Art Software Sustainability Scorecard

New Zealand winegrowers are serious about sustainability practices in their vineyards. So many are concerned with sustainability that about 2,000 New Zealand vineyards and wineries from both North Island and South Island have signed up for Wine Industry Sustainability Engine (WiSE.)

Pearmund Cellars Memorable Dining in the Vineyards Event

On June 7, Pearmund Cellars in Northern Virginia is providing a special experience for wine enthusiasts – dinner in the vineyards, “Dine in the Vines: An Evening of Rustic Elegance.”

Spring is in the Air: A Variety of Upcoming Wine Events

Visiting wineries in the spring can be delightful. Look for the magic in the vineyards as grapevines begin their journey from sap dropping like tears to buds swelling and signs of leafing out.

Postage Stamps for Wine Enthusiasts

Wine enthusiasts and philatelists will enjoy the series of stamps designed in Austria emphasizing Austria’s wine regions. The first stamp in the series began with the Weinviertel wine region.

Preparing for France

In 2006, when Kathy and I began Wine Trail Traveler, we thought we had to visit California. We did that year and have visited wine regions in that state several times since. Slowly we began to visit wineries outside of the United States, starting with Ontario, Canada. Then there was an opportunity to visit Tuscany […]

The Taste of Quebec

At Vignoble de la Rivière du Chène we met an intern from France. Before she came to Quebec, people asked her why she wanted to go to Quebec. Can they make wine and grow grapes there? This is similar to a statement made to me about the lack of grape growing in the province. Kathy […]

The Joys of the Vineyard and Winery

But the joys of the vineyard are not insignificant. From the first burst forth of the buds turning to leaves….

A Winter Vineyard Wonderland

While traveling to 20 of Long Island’s wineries to discover the experience, we encountered some snow. Visiting wineries with vineyards during the winter can be a rewarding experience.

Should the EU Think Outside the Proverbial Box to Solve Winery Overproduction?

With all of the economic problems that the EU is having lately, I was surprised to learn that Italy, Spain and Greece are being penalized for planting too many vineyards. According to an article, “EU fines Italy, Spain Greece of Illegal Vine Plantings,” in Harpers Wine & Spirit by Chris Mercer, “Spain must hand back […]

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