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What Does the Creative Cook Want for the Holidays?

What should you buy? Varietal grape seed oil, gluten-free flour or smoked sea salt for the creative cook? Or perhaps a specialty soap? Find out about AprèsVin.

Holiday Recipes for Beverages

I was reminded of Church, a Portland bar, when I received an email with recipes for the holiday season. These recipes use spirits and wines to create some delicious looking drinks. If you are hosting a holiday party, you may want to consider offering one of these drinks.

Make Your Own Holiday Gift Baskets with Flair

I love getting a gift basket! Gift baskets are delightfully decorated and appear to be so cheerful. Gift baskets can be ideal gifts for everyone. Gift baskets are also great for the person who has “everything.” Below are some ideas to get you started on creating your own special gift baskets.

Holiday Gift Guide: Sparkling Wines

What is a good choice in wine to give as a holiday gift or take to a dinner or party?

Pearmund Cellars’ Holiday Specials

Holiday Specials at Pearmund Cellars, Broad Run, Virginia

A Wine Journey: An Ideal Holiday Gift

With the holidays approaching have you started your holiday shopping yet? If you are shopping for a wine lover or a winemaking enthusiast, give a gift of the wine book. A Wine Journey is available on the Wine Trail Traveler website, Amazon….

Wine Events for this Weekend December 7th-9th

Visiting a winery at this time of year is a special experience with decorations creating a holiday spirit. Some tasting rooms will even have mulled wine simmering in a crockpot.

Annual New Zealand Wine Day

In February, 21 New Zealand wineries belonging to the Complexity group, are celebrating Waitangi Day with the 2nd Annual New Zealand Wine Day on Saturday, February 4.  Wine enthusiasts around the world can take part in this wine tasting by doing a virtual tasting. This event is in coordination with Wine Channel TV. The virtual […]

Christmas Countdown: 10 Days: Mulled Wine for the Holidays

Christmas and holiday time is a great time of the year to fill your home with the scents of mulled wine. As long as you have a few simple items in your kitchen, you can easily make a mulled wine. Good ingredients to have on hand for making mulled wine include: red wine, sugar, spices […]

Holiday Gifts: Wine Stemware

Many different types of stemware are available for the wine enthusiast. When looking for stemware for someone who is new to wine or already an experienced wine drinker, the wine glass does make a difference. Think of it like a cup of coffee, does the same coffee taste as good in a paper, Styrofoam cup, […]

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