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Steps of Preparing Our Qvevri for Winemaking

Despite our busy schedule in support of wineries and vineyards, we have continued working on the small qvevri we brought home from the country of Georgia after our spring visit to Tbilisi for the International Wine Tourism Conference.

Searching for a Bit of Sakartvelo in America: Kargi GoGo

  Kargi GoGo is a food cart in the popular Washington St. food court in Portland Oregon. Owners Sean Fredericks and McKinze Cook spent two years in the country Georgia in the Peace Corps, immersed in the food culture. We decided to have a Georgian meal for dinner and ordered khinkali, khachapuri and badrijani. My […]

New Wine Festival 2014

As many of my family and friends realize, the country Georgia remains close to my heart even though I am thousands of miles away. It is great to use Facebook to keep in contact with the Georgians we have met over the past year. Many Georgians use Facebook. Today I discovered that a festival is taking place in Tbilisi on May 24.

In Search for a Bit of Sakartvelo in America

Robert Blasscyk of Lily Girl Vineyards reached out and contacted me about qvevri winemaking in the country Georgia. Lily Girl Vineyards is located in Tioga, Pennsylvania, close to Rt 15 and the New York border. Robert is very interested in creating a marani and producing traditional Georgian wines in buried qvevris. During our discussion, Robert […]

Book Talk Surprises Wine Enthusiasts about the Birthplace of Wine

We set up for a presentation and book talk about Georgia, Sakartvelo: the Birthplace of Wine at Unionville Cellars in Ringoes, New Jersey on Sunday, April 27th. Although there was a steady crowd there was little interest in attending the book talk and presentation. That is until we corralled some visitors and started presenting. Our […]

Birthday Celebration Continues 10,461 km Away

Sometimes it’s hard to celebrate a birthday away from friends and family. That may even be sadder if you are 10,461 km (6,500 miles) away from home. That is unless you are in Sakartvelo, the country Georgia. Here, visitors are treated as guests. This is our second visit and we are treated like family. Unexpectedly […]

A Kakhetian Supra

Tradition, bounty and hospitality are the hallmarks of Simon Ruadze and his family. We had lunch in his distillery room just a short stroll from his house. Simon met us at our van, dressed in traditional Georgian dress. He spoke of providing visitors with an experience of a traditional Kakhetian supra. On the stroll to […]

Book Cover for Georgia, Sakartvelo: the Birthplace of Wine

Finally, after waiting a month to hear from our publisher, we received a pdf proof and the cover art for our 3rd book, Georgia, Sakartvelo: the Birthplace of WineI. Both Kathy and I like the cover art that shows a qvevri and vineyard. The cover art colors match those of our first two books A […]

For Some, Georgian Wine Grapes Are a Challenge to Pronounce and Spell

As Kathy and I travel to wineries and vineyards throughout the world and hear about their story and wine journey, we take notes. These help us to write articles. When it comes to grapes grown in vineyards or varieties in wines, we have personal abbreviations for the international grapes. It helps us to take notes […]

Pondering Favorite Wine Travel Experience

As 2013 comes to a close, I find myself thinking about our wine travel experiences during 2013. Which was my favorite? We did travel to wineries on Long Island, New York as well as Istria region of Croatia. While on the trip to the International Wine Tourism Conference in Zagreb, Croatia, we also visited wineries […]

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