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Kosicek Vineyards
Kathy Sullivan

Kosicek VineyardsSummary: Kosicek Vineyards is owned by a third generation family of grape growers in the Lake Erie region of Northern Ohio. Today the Kosicek family has added value to the property by adding vinifera grapevines and a winery with a lovely tasting room. The family is concentrating on crafting quality wines paired with a quality experience for wine enthusiasts.

Kosicek VineyardsWe met Tony Kosicek, owner, winemaker and vineyardist at the Kosicek Vineyards tasting room. The winery is located on the lower level. The tasting room offers a friendly and beautiful relaxing area where travelers can enjoy a glass of wine with tasty appetizers available. A fireplace, with a reupholstered sofa in front of it from the 1950s, adds to the winery atmosphere. This unique sofa was created with three oak wine barrels. Originally the sofa cushions were covered with plastic fabric. Tony had the cushions reupholstered with a red wine colored fabric. Above the fireplace a sign reads, “There’s always time for a glass of wine.”

The decor of the tasting room offers a variety of objects that defy description. Mauri Kosicek and a friend enjoy looking for the unusual items that add to the ambiance of the room. One large piece of carved wood adorns the back wall. No one seems to know what is was once used for but visitors can have fun guessing what it once might have been.

Kosicek VineyardsAn attached deck offers plenty of space to enjoy wines. A short distance away, next to the prolific vineyards, an area holds several green picnic tables. All seating offers views of Ohio’s countryside with vineyards and trees in the distance.

Kosicek Vineyards is located on a farm property purchased by Tony’s grandfather in the 1920s. Tony’s grandfather immigrated from Slovenia in Eastern Europe. For decades the property was planted with Concord grapevines and the grapes were sold to Welch’s. About six years ago, Tony and his wife Mauri decided to add vinifera grapes and a winery to the tasting room. Tony and Mauri Kosicek’s children also help out at the winery and vineyard when not busy at school.

Kosicek VineyardsWhen the prospect of selling the family farm arose, Tony’s children urged him not to sell the property. Inspired by their enthusiasm for keeping the property in the family, Tony sought to add value to the property by planting traditional grape varieties for winemaking. Currently the property has 15 acres of Concord grapes (pictured) and 8 acres of vinifera varieties.

Kosicek VineyardsUnique Gouda Cheese Available at Kosicek Tasting Room

Visitors to Kosicek can purchase food to enjoy with their glass of wine. One of the most unique items is a local cheese from Mayfield Road Creamery. The cheese has been aged with grape Cabernet Sauvignon pomace from the Kosicek winery. The Wine Gouda cheese is only available at Kosicek Vineyards’ tasting room. We discovered the Wine Gouda cheese had a hint of Cabernet Sauvignon and paired perfectly with red wine.

Kosicek VineyardsQuilt Block on the Ashtabula Quilt Trail

Located on the outside of the tasting room, there is a large, colorful quilt block. The quilt block is created with red, white and blue colors signifying patriotism. Tony said the quilt block is called Americana. The winery is one of several Ohio wineries that belongs to the Ashtabula Quilt Trail.

Events at Kosicek Vineyards

While the winery has some private events, Tony noted that they will not close their doors to the public during private events. He believes it is important for the tasting room to be reliably open for their consumers. Public events include live music, yoga in the vineyard and Sip & Paint Classes.

The Wines at Kosicek Vineyards

The Chardonnay Lake Erie 2013 was produced with 50% estate grown grapes and 50% grapes sourced from vineyards in the Lake Erie AVA of New York State. The yellow colored wine offered an aroma and taste of apple and pear. The mouthfeel was smooth and the finish was crisp and fruity. Chardonnay Finger Lakes 2014 was barrel fermented. The yellow colored wine offered an aroma and taste with notes of apple and caramel. The taste also had notes of pear. The finish was crisp with lemon and apple yielding to caramel. Traminette Lake Erie 2013 was a dark yellow colored wine with a very floral aroma. The taste was of citrus, peaches, daisies and roses. The wine was crisp with fruit and flowers.

Kosicek VineyardsConcord Ice Wine 2014 was harvested in November at 43 degrees brix. The dark orange colored wine had a residual sugar of 180 grams per liter. The aroma was of Concord grapes. The sweet taste had citrus and Concord notes. The sweet finish had enough acid to cut the sweetness. Tony produces Concord ice wine only in years when the temperatures reach 17 degrees Fahrenheit and the grapes are frozen on the vines.

When visiting the Kosicek Vineyards tasting room, be sure to ask about the Wine Gouda cheese. Enjoy the wines and the quiet ambiance of the tasting room

Kosicek Vineyards
636 Ohio 534
Harpersfield, OH 44041

GPS: N41º 44.318’ W80º 56.997’


Article written October 2015

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