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Vintage Ridge Vineyard & Winery
K. L. Sullivan

Summary: Vintage Ridge Vineyard & Winery has a selection of wines to choose from that include Maiden Voyage 2006, Cabernet Franc 2005, Syrah, Summer Night and a Late Harvest Vidal Blanc. Vintage Ridge sets itself apart from many tasting rooms by offering an array of foods to pair with wines. On the day of our visit, our assortment included bite-size pieces of locally made cheese, pound cake, a slice of Madeleine cookie, blue cheese and crackers. Bill and Vicki Edmands want others to know the winery as a friendly winery where the atmosphere is quiet and you can take time to relax and enjoy their wines.

Vintage RidgeThe winery is the result of Bill and Vicki Edmands leaving previous careers because they wanted to work together. Bill left electrical contracting and Vicki left manufacturing. Bill and Vicki met others in the wine industry and decided they wanted to be involved in the industry. Bill built and designed the winery. Bill and Vicki put every post and plant into the vineyard. Bill designed the tasting room, put in the electricity and plumbing. Today he is in charge of the vineyard and is the assistant winemaker who works with a consulting winemaker. Vicki has taken on the advertising and marketing aspects of the winery. Vicki and Bill's niece Lindsey Charles also helps in the tasting room. Lindsey was quick to add to Vicki's story.

Vintage RidgeThe tasting room at Vintage Ridge is different from other wineries we have visited. Here is a room that doubles as a wine production area. Usually the room is for tastings with several stainless steel tanks on the side. Steps lead to an area with more tables and chairs that overlook the tasting room. Tall wood tables with chairs that have backs provide a comfortable place to taste wines. A large double door at the back of the tasting room is open on warm days. The tasting room with a cement floor can be easily changed into a production room. Large doors on the front accommodate machinery. The back of the facility opens out to a stone area where a table and chairs are available. Several wood lawn chairs surround a large candle displayed in a glass container with stones. Be sure not to miss the two-seat antique carriage to the side of the building.


The barrel room can be set up for small events. A sign at the top of barrels read, “Wine is the most civilized thing in the world.” On the back of a wine bottle is a label that reads, “Here’s to the dancing maidens and to the love of a spirited journey.” Vintage Ridge is located on Maidenstone Road. The reference on the back of the bottle is attributed to the myth of The Merry Maidens in England. According to legend 19 maidens were turned into stone as punishment for dancing on a Sunday. Vintage Ridge wishes to free the maidens by showing them dancing on the wine bottles.

Vintage Ridge Vineyards concentrates on their wines but does have a few items for sale including stemware and decanters from Schott. Also, look for chutney from The Virginia Chutney Company.

Vintage RidgeVintage RidgeTasting wines at Vintage Ridge was a lot of fun as we experimented with pairings. Visitors are encouraged to write down notes about the wines and pairings. Schott wine stemware is used for the tastings and the red wines are decanted. The $8.00 fee includes the wines, a plate of food and chutney and mustard. Plan on spending extra time at Vintage Ridge. With the opportunity to experiment with wine and food, you’ll need much more time than a typical tasting. A set of glass vials have different aromas common to many of the wines you’ll taste. Take the time to smell a vial and try to identify the aroma.

Vintage RidgeMaiden Voyage 2006 is a very light yellow with a tinge of peach redness. This is a blend of Vidal and Mouvedre Rhone Red. The wine had a citrus nose of grapefruit and a grapefruit taste with a crisp finish. Paired with blue cheese, the cheese was salty and the acid from the wine cut the salt. With mango chutney, the wine cut the spiciness of the chutney and the chutney softened the crispness of the wine. Cabernet Franc 2005 had an opaque ruby color with black cherry and spices on the nose, and cherries and spice on the taste. There was a noticeable cherry flavor on the aftertaste. When paired with meat it emphasized the spiciness of the wine. Syrah had a black fruit and earthiness on the nose with a blackberry taste and ended with a crisp finish and mild tannins. When paired with blue cheese, the wine cut the harshness of the blue cheese and the cheese cut the tannins of the wine. Summer Night is Vidal with one percent residual sugar. This had a pineapple nose and taste. When paired with plum chutney, the chutney had a very spicy aftertaste. Late Harvest Vidal Blanc had a pear nose with a smooth pear and apple taste and sweet finish.

When planning your trip to Vintage Ridge, the owners suggest that you do not use your GPS. Vintage Ridge is located in Rector town, however their mail address is Delaplane.

Vintage Ridge Vineyards
8517 Maidstone Road
Rectortown, Virginia 20140

GPS: N 38 °91.338’  W 077°86.651’





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