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Bagg Dare Wine Co.
Terry Sullivan

Rogue's Hollow WinerySummary: This is one of the most unique tasting rooms visited out of hundreds. There is an adult theme and humor that some may find offensive but to others will produce many smiles. Bagg Dare Wine Co. tasting room is the perfect place to relax and feel comfortable. Jeans and shorts are most welcome.

Bagg Dare Wine Co. is not visible from the other onsite wineries and brewery located at Three Brothers Wineries and Estates. You have to trek down a dirt road with plenty of entertaining signs along the way. In fact, if you have a hard time finding the humor in the signs you may not be in the right frame of mind to visit what is most likely the most unusual wine tasting room you may ever visit. Signs such as “Warning, some people may find our humor to be in poor taste. No crybabies. We warned you” and “No trespassing violators will be shot survivors will be shot again” line the 75-mile per hour dirt path. Old cars litter spots and you would swear that you were transported to a 1940’s Louisiana bayou.

Rogue's Hollow Winery   Rogue's Hollow Winery   Rogue's Hollow Winery

This winery is Mike Mansfield’s winery and supposedly matches his personality. If the signage didn’t give you a clue of this wineries personality, the wine list will. Wine names such as Lonely Sea Man, Ride ‘er All Night, 69 Ways to Have Fun and Well Hung should suggest that suit coats and ties are a might overdressed for this winery. This is a place to have fun and potentially leave other more reserved winemakers scratching their heads. Whisky bottles are used for the wine bottles. Wines are served is plastic shot glasses and it is not unusual for visitors to become a bit rowdy.

If you are new to wine, this is a great winery to visit. The wines are the sweetest of the three wineries on the estate. You don’t have to use wine vocabulary, you can just chew some peanuts and enjoy the wine. “People feel comfortable coming here,” stated Dave Mansfield. “They can wear shorts and jeans.” The wines from Rogue’s Hollow outsell the wines from the two other wineries.

Rogue's Hollow WineryRogue's Hollow WineryAt the time of our visit we tasted several wines and enjoyed salted peanuts. The Stoned and Lonesome is a Vidal, Niagara and Riesling blend. It had a floral nose and a fruity taste. It was sweet at 4.5 percent residual sugar. The Two Banger was 100% Traminette. If you’ve tried a Traminette and didn’t like it, you have to try this one. It presented a floral nose with a fruit and spice taste. The title Two Banger was a slang term for a Harley Davidson. The wine 69 Ways to Have Fun was a blend of Diamond, Niagara and Riesling. It too had a floral nose and fruity taste. Visitors often begin creating a list of 69 ways to have fun while enjoying this sweet wine. Gator Bait was a Noriet Riesling blend. It was sweet, floral and fruity. We eventually spied a gator in the pond.

An unusual blend of Merlot and Diamond made up Dog Head Red. This sweet wine had its boldness subdued by the Diamond making it soft. Not only unusual, these blends are fun such as Skirt Lifter, a blend of Niagara, Pinot Noir, Riesling and Cayuga. The sweetness finished dry.

Rogue's Hollow WineryPeople go to this tasting room to have fun and leave with a smile. Many find a perfect bottle of wine for a friend.

Bagg Dare Wine Co.
623 Lerch Road
Geneva NY 14456


GPS N 42° 82.302'  W 076° 92.351'

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