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Cove Point Winery
K.L. Sullivan

Our next stop on blazing our own wine trail was Cove Point Winery.
Located across from a park Cove Point sits back on a long driveway. Although there is a sign, it is easy to miss as we did the first time driving past the driveway.

We visited small wineries in the past, but this is the first winery we have been to where the winery is in someone’s home. At the end of the driveway, we saw a house and did not know if we should go in until my husband noticed the credit card stickers on a window next to the front door. Greeted at the door we were shown to a kitchen peninsula, which was set up for wine tasting with the wine glasses and silver spittoons. Several bottles of wine were set on the peninsula with award winning medals draping the bottles. As with other small wineries, we were able to ask questions including how did you get into this business. We were given plenty of time to taste wine and ask questions.

Cove Point Winery began as a hobby. Our host related that when she was a child she would pick pails of dandelions so her uncle could make dandelion wine. Cove Point Winery does not produce dandelion wine, but they do have an assortment of wines. From a list provided to us, we chose white wines and red wines to taste.

Cove Point Winery makes approximately 5,000 gallons of wine each year, using grapes and juice from California, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York and Maryland.

Two to three dozen visitors visit Cove Point Winery each weekend. When we visited, there was no fee for tasting. Wine prices were very reasonable.


Cove Point Winery
Lusby, Maryland


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