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Running Hare Vineyard
Kathy Sullivan

Running Hare VineyardSummary: Discover Running Hare Vineyard, one of Maryland's hidden jewels. Running Hare Vineyard belongs to the Patuxent Wine Trail. Visitors are encouraged to bring a picnic basket to enjoy with a Running Hare wine. Enjoy the unique outdoor tasting room among the vineyards.

Running Hare Vineyard is a jewel to be found in Southern Maryland's countryside of Prince Frederick. Wines are produced from onsite vineyards and grapes are also sourced from California, Washington, Italy and Chile. The winery, tasting pavilion, event center and vineyards are located on 300 acres purchased by Mike Scarborough in 2000 for hunting. The property is now a working farm with chickens and goats.

Discovering Running Hare Vineyard

Wine enthusiasts traveling to Running Hare Vineyard will easily locate the driveway leading to the tasting facility and event building. After turning on to the driveway, travelers will pass by a barn with chickens and goats, a white building - the winery and a small lake. The road surface changes from paved to gravel to asphalt as it winds its way past wooded areas. Upon reaching a higher elevation, one will be in awe of the sight. Immediately one's eye is captured by the elegant Tuscan-style building in the distance. Nearby the rolling hills are covered with vineyards. Below the vineyards is an outdoor pavilion that serves as the tasting room during the warmer months.

Running Hare VineyardOutdoor Tasting Room Pavilion

The outdoor tasting room is sheltered in a pavilion with a solid top. Numerous tables and chairs are available undercover and just outside the pavilion with vineyards nearby. The tasting counter is granite with the sides of the counter made with redwood. The flooring is of large red bricks. Fans provide cooling and during the cooler months large heat lamps provide warmth. During the winter months, the Tuscan-style event room is used for tastings.

Running Hare VineyardRunning Hare Vineyards

As one drives slowly to the parking area, vineyards on the right provide photographic views. A wood door leads into the vineyards. In the distance another vineyard is planted on a hillside beneath the Tuscan-styled event center. In the middle of the vineyards a small gazebo-type facility is used for wedding ceremonies. While the Scarboroughs planted 100 grapevines in 2002, the vineyards now have 5,000 vines. There are nine acres of vines including Cayuga and Chambourcin.

The Running Hare Name

The owners did a marketing study that determined women like small furry things. One day a rabbit jumped out in front of their car. They decided that Running Hare would be the name.

Events at Running Hare Vineyard

The beautiful event room is available for weddings, retirement parties and Christmas parties. The winery also holds charity events including Pets With Disabilities and Grapes for the Cure. The spacious interior is flooded with natural light while glass doorways provide stunning views of the vineyards. From the covered patio, arches frame the vineyards below as well as the outdoor tasting facility and more vineyards beyond.

Running Hare Vineyard      Running Hare Vineyard

Running Hare White Wines

Chardonnay offered aromas and tastes of apple, pear, and caramel. The wine was smooth. The finish was of caramel notes and the fruit lingered. The Chardonnay grapes were sourced from Suisun Valley in California. Pinot Grigio was produced with fruit from Washington State. This light yellow wine had notes of citrus and grapefruit. The finish was crisp and refreshing.

Running Hare VineyardRunning Hare Red Wines

Sangiovese was sourced from the Piedmont area of Italy. The ruby wine offered an aroma with cherry notes. Nuances of cherries and cherry pits were on the taste. The finish was crisp with mild tannins. Malbec grapes were sourced from Chile. This purple wine offered dark fruit notes. The taste was reminiscent of plums and blackberries. Tannins were on the crisp finish. Jack Rabbit Red was produced with Concord grapes. This red wine offered a typical Concord aroma and taste. It reminded one of Welch's grape juice. The wine dried on the finish. Chambourcin 2009 was made in a Port-style. Grapes from the onsite vineyards were used in this wine. The color was ruby with a Sienna rim. The aroma had dried fruit notes, especially raisins. The taste was smooth and jammy with black fruit notes. The finish was crisp and fruity.

Enjoy a visit to Running Hare Vineyard and be sure to have a camera with you. The outdoor tasting room is unique and was comfortable during a middle August visit. Take time to stroll to the event center and look at the views of the vineyards.



Running Hare Vineyard
150 Adelina Road
Prince Frederick , MD 20678

GPS: N38º 30.453’ W76º 36.579’


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