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Closson Chase Winery
Kathy and Terry Sullivan

Closson Chase WinerySummary: Closson Chase Winery is one of the oldest wineries in Prince Edward County. The winemaker, Deborah Paskus, is producing wines from vineyards where organic practices are followed. Wines are unfiltered and unfined.

The land of the old Closson family farm was chosen by Deborah Paskus as a site for the vineyard after researching the land on Prince Edward County. She chose this property because of its slope, drainage and gravel soil covering a limestone base. In 1999 an experimental vineyard was planted. The century-old dairy barn was converted into a tasting room and processing facility in 2002. The first estate wine was produced in 2004 with just ten cases.

Closson Chase WineryTasting Room and Art Gallery

The facility is located in a 130-year-old weathered dairy barn that has been renovated. Large summer flower gardens enhance the entrance to the winery. At the back of the barn stain glass windows frame the vineyard in the background. Walk past the doorway to a flowering oasis, providing visitors with a delightful spot to enjoy a glass of wine. Flowers to discover include lilies, lavender, and live-forever. The area has vineyards bordering on two sides.

Closson Chase WineryThe tasting room is to the left of the stain glass windows. The small wood tasting counter can accommodate a few wine enthusiasts. However there is plenty of room in the art section of the barn. Tastings are intimate in this smaller area.

A section of the barn across from the tasting room is a display area for artists. At the time of our visit the artworks displayed were paintings with clotheslines as a focal point. Each month a different artist has artwork displayed. Occasionally the winery holds a "meet the artist event."

Another series of events include Wine & Words where authors will read their works. This must be a very delightful time enjoying a reading with a glass of wine in hand. During a summer month authors included a novelist, poet and memoirist.

Closson Chase WineryVineyards and Winemaking

Closson Chase Vineyards started in 1999 and thus is one of the first wineries in Prince Edward County. The vineyards consist of 30 acres of grapes primarily Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The part owner and winemaker, Deborah Paskus, believes that what's in the field is in the bottle and therefore uses organic practices in the vineyard. Deborah also likes to use indigenous yeast.

Deborah is a renowned winemaker. She concentrates on producing quality wines and using organic practices in the vineyard and winery. All of the wines are unfiltered and unfined. Slowly Deborah is embarking on some biodynamic practices.

Closson Chase WineryChardonnay Vintage

Tastings in the tasting room are with Stölze stemware. Sans Chéne Chardonnay was unoaked. There were tropical notes on the aroma while the taste began with tropical notes and changed to apple notes. The finish had layers of fruit surrounded by minerals. Chardonnay 2009 was in oak for 18 months. The aroma was of mineral and pear notes. The taste also featured mineral and pear with a hint of citrus. There was a slight touch of tannins. The fruit yields to vanilla and caramel on the finish.

Pinot Noir Vintage

Pinot Noir Rosé 2010 was aged in stainless steel tanks. The aroma was of red berry fruit. The taste had raspberry notes. The finish had raspberry yielding to strawberry with a mineral background and a hint of effervescence. Pinot Noir 2009 was red. The aroma and taste offered notes of minerality and raspberry. The finish with mild tannins had raspberry notes yielding to mineral.

Enjoy a visit to Closson Chase to taste wines and watch for their Artists and Words events.

Closson Chase Vineyards
629 Closson Raod
Hillier, Ontario KOK 2J0

GPS: N43º 59.956’ W77º 23.546’


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