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The Good Earth Vineyard and Winery
Kathy Sullivan

The Good Earth Vineyard and WinerySummary: The Good Earth Vineyard and Winery, in Ontario Canada, is a celebration of food. It offers wine tastings, cooking classes and a bistro. Nicolette Novak has opened her heart and home to wine and food lovers.

Driving along the driveway to the winery location, visitors will see vineyards and orchards. A sculpture of what might be the largest table fork in the world is close to the vineyards. The tasting room is located in a carefully renovated barn. The tasting room with lemon color walls and a fireplace offers a warm ambiance. Inside visitors can taste wines in the first room or turn left into the bistro.

The Good Earth Vineyard and Winery is located on the location of a family farm. In 1998 the owner Nicolette Novak started a cooking school and the school has a definite following. The winery believes they were right on the mark when naming the winery “The Good Earth.” This is a fully functioning farm, representing living a good life.

The Good Earth Vineyard and WineryAt the winery it was noted that this winery is “a magical place.” It is something special like coming home when you visit the winery.

Cooking School

The Cooking School at The Good Earth Vineyard and Winery offers an unusual experience. Each “class” is a 3½ hours cooking demonstration. The chef demonstrates the preparation of the food. The participants taste the food paired with wine.

The Good Earth Vineyard and WineryVineyards

Vineyards on the property include five acres of Riesling and three acres of Cabernet Franc. This area, at the base of the escarpment, has a special microclimate. The soil is sandy loam. About 1½ km from the winery another vineyard has four acres of Pinot Noir and three acres of Chardonnay. Sauvignon Blanc is on another parcel in Niagara-on-the-Lake wine region.

White Wines

In 2008 the winery was started with Andréa Glass as the winemaker. The winery now has its 3rd vintage of wines.

Sauvignon Blanc 2011 was a light yellow with an aroma of peach and lemongrass. The taste had notes of peach and tropical fruits. The finish was crisp and fruity. Chardonnay 2009 was produced in new French oak. The aroma was of pear and apple. The smooth taste had pear and apple notes with a hint of caramel. The finish had fruit yielding to caramel. Dry Riesling 2010 was a very pale gold. The taste was dry with green apple notes. The finish had hints of minerality. Medium Dry Riesling 2009 had minerality on the aroma. The taste was sweet with mineral notes. The finish lingered with light fruit notes and sweetness. Betty’s Blend was a light yellow. This blend of Chardonnay, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc offered an aroma of light white fruit especially melon with a hint of apple. The taste was smooth and the finish crisp. This is a good 3P (patio, pool, porch) wine or paired with food.

The Good Earth Vineyard and WineryRose 2011 was a light red with dark pink hues. This wine was produced with Cabernet Franc. The aroma was of strawberries with a twist of lime. The taste offered strawberry and raspberry notes. The finish was crisp and fruity.

Red Wines

Pinot Noir 2009 was a light ruby. The aroma offered mushroom and cherry notes. The taste was of cherries. The finish had tannins and cherries with hints of tobacco on the aftertaste. Cabernet Franc 2010 was a dark purple with an aroma of cherries. The taste had spices, pepper and red cherry notes. The finish was fruity with bold notes.

Dessert Wine

Late Harvest Cabernet Franc 2010 was a light red with orange hues. The aroma reminded one of a pie. The taste was like a fruit jam. The finish was sweet: however, the acid gave it a crisp finish.

The Good Earth Vineyard and WineryVisit The Good Earth Vineyard and Winery and discover all it has to offer including: wine tastings, a bistro and chef demonstrations.

The Good Earth Vineyard and Winery
4556 Lincoln Avenue 

Beamsville, Ontario
Canada, L0R 1B3

GPS: N43º 10.607’ W79º 29.364’


Article written in September 2012.

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