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Vineland Estates Winery
K. L. Sullivan

Summary: Vineland Estates Winery is a wine destination site for visitors. Here is a winery that offers guests a large tasting room with many sophisticated giftware items to choose from, a lovely restaurant to dine in and architecture from the 1800’s. Too far for you to travel? Perhaps you can take a helicopter wine tour. Vineland Estates Winery has a helicopter pad. Call ahead to ask about tours.

Vineland Estates Winery

Vineland Estates Winery is on the location where a Mennonite family from Germany built their home and farm including a carriage house. In 1979, Herman Weis purchased the farm and removed the Concord grapevines. Herman replaced these grapes with Riesling vines. He was determined to prove that Riesling could grow here.

P.J. Fulton took us on a tour of the site. Currently the vineyards have a total of 175 acres of grapevines. Nearby growers provide additional grapes. Vineland Estates Winery does not irrigate their vineyards. The winery produces 60,000 cases.


Vineland Estates WineryVineland Estates Winery

Next to the winery is a carriage house once used for carriages. Today the carriage house hosts small weddings and events. A wall of windows at the back of the carriage house allows for a lovely backdrop of vineyards. Overhead is an ornate chandelier, a relic from the past.





Vineland Estates WineryVineland Estates Winery

We stopped briefly at the restaurant and the ambience is wonderful. The natural light streaming through the windows enhances white tablecloths and table settings. Outdoor seating is also available. The chef tries to obtain fresh food from the local area throughout the year.



Vineland Estates WineryThe winery has a beautiful cellar with oak barrels lining the sides of the cave-like cellar. Vineland Estates uses mostly French oak. At the far end of the barrel room, is a vintage wine cellar with numerous vintage bottles displayed. The bottles are displayed in blocks from France that have the appearance of being made of clay and straw.

Vineland Estates WineryThe 1877 barn was transformed and now the location of The Wine Boutique. Numerous giftware items are available for visitors to wander about, admire and perhaps purchase. Browse the clothing, stemware, ceramics and more. The facility is large with an ornate metal ceiling over the granite-topped tasting bar. Large beams were left in place from the original barn structure and add to the atmosphere of the wine boutique.


Vineland Estates WineryWe tried several wines. The dry Riesling 2007 had floral notes on the nose, a fruit taste with effervescence and apple fruit aftertaste. The semi-dry Riesling 2007 had a floral nose with red grapefruit taste. This wine was crisp and refreshing. St. Urban Riesling 2007 had a slight floral nose and fruit taste. It was crisp and refreshing with citrus on the aftertaste ending with some mineral. The 1996 dry Riesling St. Urban Vineyard had petrol on the nose and a fruit taste with a hint of mineral. It was crisp with a fruit aftertaste. The 1998 semi-dry Riesling had a petrol nose with a fruit taste. The aftertaste was fruity. Sauvignon Blanc Neufeld Vineyard 2006 had a slight flora nose with a grapefruit taste. We noticed some minerality. The aftertaste had fruit to mineral notes. Sauvignon Blanc Wismer 2006 had floral and toast on the nose, grapefruit taste with a long fruit aftertaste. For those who like olives, try the Chardonnay Reserve 2004. There were olives on the nose and an apple taste with butter aftertaste that developed over time.

Gamay Noir 2006 had cherries and blueberries on the nose and a cherry taste. There was an intense fruit that made it seem sweet and dry on the aftertaste. Elevation Cab-Merlot 2005 was a blend of 90% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Merlot. The result was herbaceous and black currants on the nose, a spicy taste and fruit on the aftertaste. Syrah 2006 had spice on the nose and taste with blackberries and spice on the aftertaste. Reserve Merlot 2003 had a spice nose with blackberry fruit and spice taste. There was a crisp finish with nice tannins and a fruit aftertaste.

Riesling Icewine 2002 was golden yellow. It had a honey nose and an apple and caramel taste. A crisp finish cut the sugar. On a side note, we had the opportunity to taste a Vineland 1989 Riesling Icewine at a restaurant in Niagara-on-the-Lake. The icewine aged beautifully. It had rhubarb and strawberries on the nose and taste and paired wonderfully with blue cheese. Icewines have great ageing potential.

Vineland Estates WineryWhen you plan to visit this destination winery, consider making reservations at the restaurant and spending the day at Vineland Estates Winery. Even better, think about renting the estate house that is fully equipped or the cottage that is a bed and breakfast for two.


Vineland Estates Winery
3620 Moyer Road
Vineland, Ontario, Canada

GPS N 43° 14.258' W 079° 40.594'

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