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Huff Estates Winery
Kathy Sullivan

Huff Estates WinerySummary: Huff Estates is a delightful destination to discover in Prince Edward County. Wines produced at Huff Estates Winery are VQA. Visitors will discover the majority of wines are dry and will pair well with foods. The winery also produces a late harvest wine. In addition to a winery Huff Estates includes an Inn, Oeno Art Gallery and a Sculpture Garden. The winery is in a Prince Edward County DVA (Designated Viticultural Area).

Driving along the country roads of Prince Edward County, and after making several right and left turns, one finally arrives at Huff Estates. The winery is located in a DVA, the fourth Designated Viticultural Area in Ontario. The discovery of this winery/vineyard/art gallery and inn complex is surprising as the closest large urban area, Toronto, is about two and a half hours away. The gray modern architecture using natural elements fits in well with the landscape of fields, trees and vineyards.

Huff Estates WineryThe tasting room while not large is modern with a sophisticated look. Wine bottles are displayed elegantly with shelves not crowded with bottles. Rather it reminds one of what it is like to shop at a high-end store compared to a box store. Wines are displayed with pride. The tasting counter with an unusual zinc top can accommodate several wine enthusiasts. Adjacent to the tasting room, a large patio with bright yellow umbrellas provides a delightful place to enjoy a glass of Huff Estates wines. This area is also used for special events.

Huff Estates WineryThe winery and barrel room are located in the same facility as the tasting room. The barrel room can be seen from the tasting room through a small circular window. Outside of the barrel room a short flight of stairs leads to the winery area with many stainless steel tanks.


Vineyards are located in two areas of Prince Edward County. With 35 acres of property at the winery, vineyards at the winery occupy five acres. Varieties planted include Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and Frontenac. A second vineyard, South Bay, is located closer to Lake Ontario. Varietal grapes there include Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. The water affects this second vineyard more than the vineyard at the winery.

Huff Estates Winery


Huff Estates Winery has numerous and unique wine events throughout the year. Consider attending some of these special events including "Six Barrels with Six Chefs," "Sparkling Wine Event,” and "Carriage House Cooping - local lumber and local juice."

Huff Estates WineryWhite Wines

Our tasting with Sommelier Brian Hanna began with Pinot Gris 2010. The wine offered notes of citrus and some grapefruit throughout the taste. Chardonnay 2008 was a straw color with pear nuances on the aroma. The taste was smooth and creamy with pear notes. The finish was fruity and creamy. Chardonnay South Bay 2008 was a light yellow. The aroma offered a touch of floral with citrus nuances. Notes of citrus were on the taste. The finish was crisp with citrus. Riesling 2009, a light yellow, was medium dry. The aroma had floral and mineral notes while the taste emphasized roses and peaches. The sweet finish was crisp with fruit yielding to mineral.

Rosé Wine

Rosé 2010 was pink with an orange hue. The aroma was of red berries. The taste also had red berries with specific notes of strawberries and a hint of cranberry. The finish was crisp with red berry notes.

Red Wines

Merlot 2009 was a ruby color. This wine was produced in 100 percent stainless steel. The aroma was of pepper, tobacco and dark fruit. The taste had dark red fruit and cherry pits. The wine had tannins and a fruity finish yielding to spice. South Bay 2007 was a blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. The wine was a ruby color and the taste offered dark fruit. The finish was crisp with tannins and dark fruit notes.

Huff Estates WineryDessert Wines

First Frost 2008 was produced with Vidal. To produce this wine the winery harvested 2/3 of the Vidal during normal harvest time. The other 1/3 was harvested after the first frost. The juice from the grapes harvested after the frost was used to back sweeten the wine made from the grapes harvested first. The result was wine that was yellow with floral and citrus notes. The crisp finish had floral with citrus hints. Zero de Gris was an amber color with 135 g/l of residual sugar. This wine was produced with Frontenac Gris. There were floral notes throughout the wine, with a hint of apricot on the finish.

Oneo Art Gallery

Two years ago, the Estates added the Oneo Art Gallery to the site. Formerly the Oneo Art Gallery was in a private residence. The art gallery offers displays of numerous artists that include sculpture, paintings, and drawings.

Huff Estates WinerySculpture Garden

In 2011 a Sculpture Garden was added to Huff Estates. The Sculpture Garden is true to its name with numerous sculptures and a variety of types of plants that include flowers, trees, and vegetables.

Huff Estates WineryThe Inn at Huff Estates

At Huff Estates there is an inn that provides a wonderful place to spend the evening. Rooms have leather chairs, a small refrigerator, and a desk. Breakfast is available in an adjacent room located behind the reception room.

Enjoy spending a day at the winery and when making plans to travel to Huff Estates, remember they have a comfortable Inn for lodging. Huff Estates offers the perfect base to explore the local wineries.

Huff Estates Inn & Winery
2274 County Road 1
Bloomfield, Ontario K0K 1G0

GPS: N44º 00.896’ W77º 17.414’

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