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Ridgewood Winery
Kathy Sullivan

Ridgewood WinerySummary: Ridgewood Winery, located in a 1700s home in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania, offers visitors wines and a look at history with hints of ghosts. The winery schedules an array of public events.

The original home was built by the Lewis family in 1725.. The restored historic home is located on the Ridgewood Farmstead. In 1992, the stone house was under threat of demolition. However, the community banded together and prevailed, managing to have the house put on the National Register of Historic Places. In 2013, the home had been vacated for 10 years when Bill and Tracy Smith purchased the house. As we toured the restored home with Tracy, she noted that the house was built in two sections. The part built in 1725 was the living area. A large section was added by the Dick family in 1811 to be used for entertaining.


Ridgewood WineryRidgewood WineryTracy and Bill have done a substantial amount of research regarding the historic home. As we toured the property with Tracy, she pointed out many historic details including an old door hinge in the shape of an HL. She added the hinge meant Holy Lord. The HL hinge helped to date the house. Tall doorways have an unusual arch at the top. Fireplaces are located in each of the rooms.

Hauntings of the Property

During the 1800s the house was part of the underground railroad. Today Tracy is sure that children from that era haunt the home. She noted that occasionally there will be a whoosh of air from corners of the dining room as the ghosts rush to leave a room. Tracy also mentioned that the ghost of the carpenter who built the 1811 addition has been “seen” in the home. For Tracy another sign of ghosts are the wine bottle corks that are slowly removed from the bottles and found laying nearby. Tablecloths are also know to fly off the tables.

As visitors tour the historic home, they will undoubtedly see numerous canvas paintings. These paintings are a part of the events scheduled at the winery. On the second floor, one of the rooms has been set aside for wine and painting events. A long table is covered with heavy plastic to protect it from the occasional paint splatters.

Ridgewood WineryRidgewood Winery

Tracy recalled her grandfather made wine. She remembers his wine as being good. Bill wanted to make wine and when someone gave them 20 pounds of blackberries, Bill and Tracy decided to make wine. Bill kept detailed records of what he did such as tasting it and deciding to add sugar to cut the bitterness.

Bill also made kit wines and from there he branched out to making other wines. Eventually he entered some of his wines into an amateur winemaking competition. He was winning awards in amateur winemaking. Eventually Bill and Tracy decided to open a commercial winery in the old Ridgewood home.

The Wines at Ridgewood Winery

Riesling 2014 was a light yellow color. The wine offered aroma and taste notes of citrus with hints of peach. The finish was very crisp. Vignoles 2015, with 20 g/l residual sugar was a light yellow color. The wine offered notes of floral and citrus. There was a very smooth mouthfeel. The finish was crisp and slightly sweet, but drying on the finish.

Ridgewood WineryThe Cabernet Franc 2014 with 13.3% alcohol was produced in stainless steel tanks. The wine was a translucent red color. This dry, crisp wine offered peppery notes with red and black berry fruits. The finish lingered. This Cabernet Franc is food friendly. Merlot was a translucent red color with hints of purple. This nicely made dry wine offered notes of raspberries and blackberries with tannins. The taste lingered on the finish.

Diamond 2015 was a yellow color with 80 g/l residual sugar. The wine was floral with some peach notes. This was a very smooth and sweet wine. Pair this wine with a rocking chair on a porch. The Peach Splendor wine was very aromatic with peach notes. The taste was very peachy with the peach lingering on the finish. The wine reminds one of peach pie filling. The wine is also perfect for enjoying on a rocking chair.

Ridgewood WineryWinery Events

Ridgewood Winery is the site of numerous events, both public and private.

For public events looks for backyard bingo, concerts, wine glass painting and canvas painting. Bill and Tracy are very creative and even their events showcase their creativity. For example one winery event is Midnight Painting Pajama Party. If you are intrigued with ghosts, look for events that look at the history of local ghosts.

Ridgewood Winery also offers space for private events. Possible private events to have at the winery included weddings, rehearsal dinners, bridal showers and corporate events. People can even set up their own private art and craft classes, just contact the winery.

For a welcoming visit, history, wine and ghosts consider stopping by Ridgewood Winery.

Ridgewood Winery
2039 Philadelphia Ave.
Birdsboro, Pennsylvania 19508

GPS: N40º 17.742’ W75º 53.659’


Article written July 2016





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