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Tuscarora Mt. Winery
Kathy Sullivan

Tuscarora Mt. WinerySummary: Tuscarora Mt. Winery is Franklin County, Pennsylvania’s first and only winery. Tuscarora Mt. Winery offers two locations for tasting and purchasing wines and the owners hope to begin construction of a full size winery in the Tuscarora Mountain Range farther west.

We chose to stop at the Tuscarora Mt. Winery site in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. This is the current location of the winery and tasting room. About nine miles away is the Greencastle location where tables and chairs are available for relaxing and enjoying a glass or bottle of wine.

Tuscarora Mt. WineryThe Chambersburg tasting room is narrow with a long wood tasting counter. Numerous types of wines are housed behind the tasting counter. Beyond the public tasting area is the location of the wine production area. According to Ken and Sue Hadley, owners, the area is cramped and they really need a larger area in order to produce more wine to satisfy the demand. In the tasting room every space is used for a purpose. Wine accessories are included in the area.

Ken is also the winemaker and has been making wine for 30 years. Ken has always enjoyed gardening and one thing led to another – it did not take long for him to attempt home winemaking. He noted that Franklin County has good microclimates and there is a breeze most of the time. Ken was unsure if people enjoyed his wine or were just being nice when they complimented his homemade wines. Eventually he entered an international wine competition for home winemakers. After winning two gold medals and gentle nudging from Sue, he decided to start a commercial winery. The popularity of the wines is evident as at times Ken has difficulty keeping up with the demand. Currently they are looking to build a winery in the Tuscarora Mountain Range.

Tuscarora Mt. WineryThe wines are popular and reflect what people are looking for including historical connections, traditional wines and fruit wines. Their daughter, Tina Flohr, is a graphic designer and creates the wine bottle labels. She also represents the winery at many events. Son, Eric, works with his father in the winery. Another son is supportive of the winery but currently not close enough to help with the work.

One wine, The 1864 Burning of Chambersburg, commemorates the burning of Chambersburg during the War Between the States. The name of another wine, Rifle Man Red, refers to the Revolutionary War. Each wine label is different and represents different concepts. The J wine is to honor Sue’s brother who passed away from cancer. Today a portion of the sales from the J wine goes to The Kanzius Cancer Research Organization.

The focus for the Hadleys is on using local fruits for producing their wines. They are family and community oriented. Sue noted that if a special occasion comes up for someone in the community they make a gift basket.


Ken produces traditional wines and fruit wines. Sauvignon Blanc was a light straw color. Apple and lemon grass notes were on the nose and the taste had apple. The finish was crisp. Chenin Blanc is Sue’s favorite wine. She added with a smile that she shouldn’t have a favorite but…. It was a very pale yellow with tropical and melon notes. The taste was smooth. Suggested pairings included seafood, shellfish, and grilled chicken. Watchman, a Chardonnay, was a straw color with an aroma and taste of apples. The finish was crisp and fruity with a hint of oak. This is a 3P (patio, porch, or pool) wine.

Tuscarora Mt. WineryJ was produced from Syrah. The color was light red with a dark pink tint. The aroma and taste had plum and dark fruit notes. The finish was crisp and fruity with very light tannins. This is a good wine for white wine drinkers. Merlot was ruby with cherry notes. The finish was fruity with tannins. The 1864 Burning of Chambersburg is the winery’s best selling wine. This was a blend of Merlot and black currants. The wine was a light purple color. It was fruity with currant nuances. The taste was sweet and the finish had fruit notes.

Fruit Wines

Peach Cobbler offered peach notes throughout the taste. The peach taste was similar to the taste of freshly picked white peaches. Elderberry was a translucent light red with light elderberry notes.

Be sure when visiting Chambersburg and Greencastle, Pennsylvania to stop by either tasting room to taste the wine and enjoy.


Tuscarora Mt. Winery
25 Lincoln Way West

Chambersburg, Pennsylvania 17201

GPS: 39º 56.260’ W77º 39.726’





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